Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eating and sleeping

So, it appears Jason has made progress with his nighttime waking without needing any further intervention on my part. On Tuesday he woke up twice during the night and last night he was asleep from 7:15-5:00, waking only once at 1:00am. Woohoo!

As for eating last night he begged for food for the first time ever and was quite happy with the pizza crust we gave him. This afternoon he begged for blueberries!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

another busy week, and some this and that

On Sunday at church we learned that their Vacation Bible School was this week. Of course immediately Tyler wanted to attend. So this week, Monday-Thursday from 9:30-12:00 Tyler is at VBS. It's a really cute program and Tyler is having a ball. Meanwhile I've been able to institute naptime in the crib for Jason. It's not fun. Lots of crying and not much napping (most times he screams for 30 minutes and then falls asleep for 20, but I guess it's better than nothing).

Speaking of sleeping, Jason is continuing to spend the night in his crib, but still wakes often. Tonight it only took him a few minutes to fall asleep, with very very minimal crying. He was VERY tired though, which usually backfires on me, but I suppose it helped tonight.

So, is 4 years old too early for boot camp? Tyler may be in need. The attitude has just been out of control. It seems to coincide with sugar, which everyone tells me is not possible, but seems to be more than coincidence in our case. I'm about to institute an all out ban on sugary substances. If that doesn't help, boot camp.

Al is still in NC. He has been VERY busy. Although I struggle with my decision, I'm currently pretty happy that I'm here and not in NC with him. He's usually not back from work until 11:00pm or later. He comes home and goes to bed. Then he gets up again and does it all over again the next day. He's lucky if he even gets to talk to the boys a couple of times a week. He usually is in training on the weekend too. So if I were there, I'd be all alone all day long. No family, and no husband around. He can't even have his cell phone on him most of the time. Ugh.

Like I said, I'm happy I'm here. But I miss my stuff. I miss having a place for everything. Oddly enough, I mostly miss Jason's bedroom. I think I didn't get enough use of his bedroom before I left (considering he spent most of the time in our bed). I'll be happy to see his nursery all set up again. Well, now that I think of it, I miss Tyler's bedroom too. The more I think of it, I guess I do miss the house, as much as I hated Florida at times. I miss having my family together., the Moorestown Mall is horrible. First off, no JcPenney's. Instead, Lord and Taylor, which I can't afford, and Boscovs, which just plain stinks. I tried to take Tyler school shopping today. Ended up with a few things for myself from NY&Co. Nothing too fun. Waste of time. At least our evening ended with Chick-Fil-A, which is always good. Oh, Jason ate 3/4 of a stage 2 jar of babyfood while we were there, which is the most he's ever eaten!

My parents are in A.C. for the evening. I'm bored. Can you tell?

true love

Anyone watch The Bachelorette? Well, if you do watch it, but missed the finale, stop reading. NOW. Don't want to spoil it.

Anyway, if you did watch it, I have a conclussion to draw. Although I wanted Jillian to pick Kiptin (or even better, Reid), I believe she has made the right choice. She is obviously head-over-heels in love with Ed...because only true love could overlook that bathing suit he's been wearing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

No babys!

Tyler was asking how to spell certain words. Then he asked for tape. Moments later there was a sign taped to his bedroom door which read "no babys come in and play"...well, minus the word spacing which I added for your reading pleasure. It really was one huge word. LOL.

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that ship has sailed

See that picture? Ugh. That picture was taken on Saturday, on my first night out post-Jason that I had blogged about. I was so excited to finally go out, but NOT excited about getting dressed, figuring out what to wear, etc. It took some of the fun out of going out. So that's it, I've hit the point where I'm just not happy about being fat anymore.

When I got pregnant with Jason I was much heavier than I would have liked to be. I was so sick during the pregnancy though that I ended up gaining less weight than Jason even weighed, so I came home from the hospital weighing less than the day I found out I was pregnant! However, due to his allergies to foods, my diet became very restricted. When he finally started doing better (maybe 2-3 months ago) I was finally able to eat all those foods that I hadn't been able to eat, and I put on some weight for sure. I kept trying to justify it as being okay because I'm breastfeeding. Even my brother said to me something along the lines of "but you just had a baby". Well, that "baby" is 10 months old now, and as I responded to him "that ship has sailed". I'm tired of the excuses. I'm going to get in shape. Now I'm not going to diet per say. I don't believe in dieting, nor is it really safe to do while breastfeeding, but I do cut some fat/calories and eat healthier. I will also start exercising.

So why am I posting this here? Well, to be honest, I'm hoping that it will motivate me to stay on the right track. Accountability. Hopefully that will help.


For the first time, in probably 10 years, I can report that I actually went to church on Sunday. Right or wrong, I had gotten away from going. I can't say that I'm entirely comfortable with the idea of going to church, but Tyler had been asking to go ever since he went to VBS a few weeks ago, and really who can deny a child ASKING to go to church? Even though I might not necessarily agree with all aspects of organized religion, I think that I benefitted from going to church as a child. I do think it aided in the work my parents had done to raise us with good morals, knowing right from wrong, etc. Hopefully I can get to a place where I feel like I really want to or need to be there, but for now, like other areas in my life, I'm taking baby steps. And I'm trying to keep my mind open.

I'm happy to report that Tyler loved church and sunday school, as expected. My parents came along with us/me, which I think I needed. Jason survived maybe 20 minutes in the nursery before he freaked out.

After a trip to the Bagel Deli for lunch myself and the boys met my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law at their community pool. My neice was there and Tyler had a great time playing in the pool. Jason had a good time as well, and it was pretty nice there, despite the heat (it was as hot in NJ yesterday as it was in FL!).

After dinner we went (with my parents) to my grandparents house. Tyler had been itching to see them, so we went for a short visit. Oh, Jason learned to throw a ball. Or at least it seemed. He did it over and over again and was pretty proud of himself.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

fun times

On Friday night, again, Jason slept in his crib all night, waking maybe 4 times. Honestly I've been so tired I can't really remember, but I know he's doing TONS better.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Al's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike's house for a graduation party for their son Matt. It was great to see his whole family and we all had a nice time. Unfortunately I didn't not get any great pictures, but I'm gonna count on Uncle Mike for that (hint, hint)!

That night I came home and put the boys to bed and went out for my friend Veronica's birthday. It was my very first time that I had been out at night since Jason was born, unless you count the one time I ran to CVS while Al was with the boys, or the time my parents stayed with the kids when I went to Walmart. Had this party been even 4 nights earlier, I never would have gone, but based on Jason's newfound sleeping abilities, I felt more confident in leaving him. The party was at The Taproom, and Jen and I drove over together. We didnt' stay too long, because I found out that Jason had woken, but it was a nice time.

Believe it or not though, Jason fell back to sleep on his own before I got home and my mom never even had to go get him. He eneded up sleeping from 8:00 until 1:30, the most he's EVER slept! He got up one other time before getting up at about 5:30. Wahoo, the progress continues. Keep your fingers crossed!

10 months!

On Saturday Jason turned 10 months old. 10 months?!?!

the end of swim lessons...

On Friday, after a short week of swim lessons due to rain cancellations, Tyler had his closing ceremony. He was very excited, after having made so many gains this season. In fact he had ever started to ENJOY his lessons and was trying to tread water on his own. Anyway, he got the standard certificate and "medal" and was so proud of himself.

Later we went to get a picture with his swim instructors. Tyler would like this picture printed. I can't imagine why. LOL.

Chelsea (the blonde instructor) said that he was the most improved student she had ever seen. I'm one proud momma!

baby steps

On Wednesday night Jason fell asleep in about 25 minutes at around 7:45pm. He slept 3-4 hours before waking. He ended up waking 4 times that night, before waking up for good at 5:25. The good news is that each time he woke I was able to nurse him and put him right back in his crib and walk away. I was in his room for less than 10-15 minutes each time, and he never cried for more than a minute or two. For the first time ever in his life I had the bed all to myself!

On Thursday night he woke up, I believe, 6 times. However he was in his crib until about 6:30 in the morning.

Baby steps. I'll take it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just because

I'm trying to blog from the iPhone, just because I can. Now if only I could figure out pictures.

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in case I were in need of some excitement

On Tuesday, after we got home from A.C., we should have been going to swim lessons. Instead, for the first time all summer, they were closed due to bad weather. I decided a trip to the mall was in order, but as I got myself and Jason ready I heard a shriek from the living room. I went running in and Tyler was screaming while clutching his arm. Apparently he had somehow hit it on the end table, and by the initial looks of it he appeared to have broken it. Thankfully it was just the odd angle in which he was holding it, meanwhile bending it. Anyway, as I get ice for it and attempt to calm him down he starts shaking and says he's gonna be sick. I asked him what else hurt and he responded that his head did. I look up and there is this huge bleeding goose egg on his head. Not sure how I missed it, but apparently he had initially as well. He proceeds to freak out, all the while asking if he could go to bed, which of course is totally unlike him. Due to his odd behavior I feared a concussion. I called the pediatrician who was concerned by the symptoms and luckily fit us in immediately. My mom watched Jason in the waiting room while Tyler was seen. Thankfully there were zero signs of a concussion and apparently the anxiety/fear over the situation caused the concerning symptoms. I was told he was fine and he was given no restrictions, so off to the mall and chick-fil-a we went.

He did have a headache, but otherwise seemed fine. The goose egg swelling went down significantly, so the picture hardly does it justice. He does have a cut/bruise on his ear and neck as well.

another atlantic city day

On Monday, after the beach, my parents and I took the boys to Atlantic City. My mom had another free room (actually for 2 nights in a row) so we packed up the car and decided to head down for a little vacation. In actuality I decided perhaps it would be easier to pack for a stay on the moon. Goodness, 2 kids in a hotel near the beach requires a ton of crap!

We got there and had a nice dinner at the buffet in Showboat. Tyler had a similar dinner to the last time, and Jason nibbled on a few bits of pasta and roll. We had intended on going to the beach afterwards, but it was a little cloudy and was getting chilly so we convinced Tyler to head onto the boardwalk to finally get his pet hermit crab (we had promised him a fish when he got to NJ, but he recently decided on a hermit crab instead).

Jason was fascinated with the seagulls and spent lots of time shrieking at them.

We got lucky and hit a little stunt show, involving a motorcycle in a globe of sorts. Both boys loved it. I wondered what type of woman allows their husband to circle their body with the motorcycle inside a caged globe. Hmm???

Then we hit a few rides, of course!

Then it was hermit crab time. Tyler picked out a fascinating specimen. I believe it may be a geisha girl that is painted on the shell. He just thought it was colorful. He has named him oatmeal. Then he changed it to shiley. Now it is affectionately "hermie", which is what he named his hermit crab 2 summers ago.

The night in the hotel left much to be desired. For one, it was totally a smoking room. Them removing the ash tray and spraying water on the floor upon our questioning does not now constitute it being a non-smoking room. Tyler couldn't settle down and Jason decided he didn't' need to sleep in his pack-n-play that my dad begrudgingly drug through the parking garage to the hotel. I don't think either boy was asleep before 10:30. After that none of the adults got very much sleep, due to a frequently waking baby. Ugh. Lesson learned.

Unfortunately Tuesday brought some crappy weather. I did leave Jason with my parents so I could take a walk on the boardwalk with Tyler, since he was pretty sad about us abandoning our plans. Of course our walk ended up on the beach and with a pocket full of mussel shells in my hoodie.

So we head home shortly thereafter.

some things never change

On Monday I met my friend Amy at the beach so the kids could play and the adults could chat. I've known Amy probably since we were 5 (when I started Medford Lakes summer camp) but defintely by the time I was in 2nd grade (when I officially moved here). Amy and I have had tons of fun times together, many of those times spent right here in our hometown at this very beach. Amy was always an adventure seeker, but also had a soft spot for animals. You could often find Amy climbing trees or wading through water to get to or rescue an animal in need. Anyway, so the kids played and then Tyler had his swim lessons so Amy took her two little ones out in the kayak to explore. After his lesson I finally see Amy coming from across the lake, slowly via kayak. Turns out she had rescued an injured turtle and was trying to carry it with one hand and paddle with the other. I swear I could have very well lived this exact scene 20 years ago. Some things never change.

BTW, an animal rescue center took the injured turtle.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where is my freakin' manual??????

Well, it's been 2 weeks of "sleep training" and Jason still screams his little head off at bedtime. He still doesn't nap in his crib, and he still wakes up about a gabillion times overnight. I hear of these little babies with mom's complaining that they are up 2-3 times a night. I still have a newborn, up AT LEAST every 2 hours until I eventually bring him to bed with me while he nurses the rest of the night as he pleases.

I am happy to report that there have been some minimal gains. He has napped at least once a day all week, whether it be in a stroller or in bed with me or in a car. He has not cried over an hour at bedtime (I'm pretending that this is "progress", but I would be MUCH happier if he'd just roll over and go to sleep). 75% of the time, when he first wakes at night (usually 2 hours after he's gone to bed) I can nurse him and put him immediately back in his crib, where he'll proceed to cry for maybe a minute and go right back to bed. Maybe 50% of the time this happens at his next night waking (again, usually about 2 hours ater the last waking). Then he ends up in my bed if I don't want to hear him cry for hours.

So, the book I read suggests that I now (2 weeks after bedtime "training" began)should let him cry overnight if he wakes. The pediatrician flat out told me I need to practice "tough love". They are all telling me he doesn't need to get up to nurse in the middle of the night anymore. To be honest I'd be thrilled if I could get him to get up every 3 hours and nurse and go right back in his crib. I wouldn't even mess with that. But the occasional hourly wakings, and the all night nursing sessions in my bed are just not working. My back is killing me and I haven't slept any solid sleep after 2:00am in almost 10 months (once he comes into bed with me I don't sleep well at all anymore). Not to mention that I can't even leave the house for a trip to Walmart and be confident that he'll sleep a decent chunk of time.

So, do I go by the book and force him to go all night without a feeding? Do I adapt it and force him to cry a predetermined amount of time before I go into him? Do I go to him if it's been a decent chunk between feedings (say 3-4 hours?)?

All I want is some magical force to tell me the right thing to do. Where is my freakin' manual? I'd gladly pay a hefty price for one!

oh my, I may just catch up!

Hmm, let's see. On Sunday the boys and I met Al's mom and stepdad at the lake for a little swim and play. Tyler showed off his skills while Jason banged on a bucket and stared at sand and feathers. Both of my kids LOVE the beach.

We came home for a late lunch and rest (for everyone). Later on we met my parents for dinner. We THOUGHT we were going to Salad Works. Lo and behold it turns out that Salad Works closes at 5:00 on Sundays. What? Stupidest thing I've ever heard of. So we were forced to go somewhere else and were pleasantly surprised by the little italian food joint we ended up at. Tyler still wanted a salad, which is exactly what he got and proclaimed "this is even better than salad works". Jason gnawed on a roll, and actually ate a decent amount of it! From there it was off to Freedom Park for some playtime before bed.

Today is Monday. So far I've done some cleaning/organizing. Tyler has watched too much TV. Jason has emptied out various containers, attempted to steal Tyler's art supplies, and escaped the room numerous times. Just your typical day. No camp (as he already "graduated"), just swim lessons. I might meet up with a friend at the beach too.

So, there, I'm all caught up, for once. Can you believe it?

a great cause

On Saturday we went with my mom to Bob Meyer Park for "Family Fun Day". It was a fundraiser to create a fully wheelchair accessible playground. It will be made of recycled materials (yeah for a "green" feature) and will be the first of it's kind in burlington county.

They had raffles and auctions, food, and games. All the money raised was to go towards this playground. I'm also happy to report that Ronald McDonald delivered a check for $20,000. It was nice to see the whole community come together for a great cause.

Tyler had a great time. Highlights included a picture and autograph with Eagles cheerleaders, meeting the Rita's waterice mascot, and various silly games. We ran into my friend Amy, so Tyler and Amy's daughter Joey had a great time playing together. Meanwhile Jason was entertained by just watching the kids, playing with a spoon, and chewing on a soft pretzel.

Later that night, while watching the 6 o'clock news, we spotted Jason in his stroller. Turns out that Jason made the news for about .25 seconds!

my little fishy

So I really struggled with this whole swimming issue with Tyler. I'd never push my child to play a sport he didn't want to play or do anything that I deemed to be unnecessary. Swim, however, is one of those things that is kinda important. Growing up in Medford Lakes may be a small subculture in and of itself, but all kids swim at a young age. The town, as it's name implies, is covered with lakes. There is really no way to spend a summer here without the water. That being said, I want my child to have safety around water. Ultimately I'd love for him to swim well, but for now I'd gladly settle for an efficient doggy paddle. However the lessons totally freaked him out. There were many a day that involved tears. Many times I dragged him into the water, while I felt his body tremble. I was heartbroken. I ultimately decided to pull him from private lessons (after only 3 of them) but kept him in the group lessons. Meanwhile the instructors pretty much backed off and he spent quite a few days just sitting on the beach covering himself in sand instead of actually learning to swim. I instead took advantage of having my mom and dad around and brought Tyler to the beach often to play in the water and try to work on the areas that he refused to work on during his lessons.

I am happy to report that, for once, my intuition payed off and I feel like perhaps I made the right decision. With a lot of play (and a little bribery) he has come pretty far in just a short time and now ENJOYS going to his lessons. Don't get me wrong, he is not swimming by any means, but he now will jump off the dock into someones arms, put his head under water, practice strokes, etc. I'm so thrilled...and so proud of my little boy!

This new found comfort in the water came none too soon, as my friend Melinda had invited us to her parents house for a little barbeque and pool time on Friday afternoon. Even a week ago Tyler would NEVER had put on swimmies and entered a pool. Instead he would have sat on the side pretending to be content, all the while beating himself up over his fear. Instead he put on swimmies (the first time he'd even consider it) and allowed me to play with him in the pool until he got confident enough to float a bit on his own. He even practiced some of his swimming.

the last day of camp

Wednesday and Thursday were much like the rest of the week. Camp, swim, camp, swim. We did squeeze in lunch at my grandparents house one day. I'm sure we did other stuff as well, although I can't recall what it may have been.

On Friday Tyler had his last day of camp. They did a little closing ceremony at the end. My memory card was in the computer so I was without a camera, but my mom got some decent pics with her iPhone. Each class did a little song(s). Tyler's group did a song call "I'm a little fishy" (to the tune of "I'm a little teapot") and some other song about sealife sung to the tune of "do wah diddy diddy". It was a nice end ot a nice week of camp. Tyler will surely miss it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jason's first trip to the ocean!

On Tuesday, after swim, we picked up my dad and went to Atlantic City. My mom had another free room and it was a gorgeous day, so we decided to take advantage of it. We started our afternoon/evening with a yummy dinner in the French Quarter buffet at Showboat. Tyler loves getting to choose whatever he wants at the buffet. Many things made it on his plate, but he filled up on mostly watermelon, shrimp, and rolls. What a goof.

From there we went to the room and changed the boys into their suits. Jason had mixed feelings about the ocean for the first time. He was fascinated, but wasn't quite sure about the very cold water, understandably. He did like the sand and shells, but I think it was a bit too chilly and windy for him, so he spent some time wrapped up in a blanket on his mom-mom's lap. Poor kid was pretty sleepy too. Tyler has become much more comfortable in the water though, jumping over waves and tumbling around. Apparently I should have worn a suit, because I ended up pretty drenched.

After some time on the beach we went back to the room to get cleaned up. Tyler had planned on a bath, but it turns out they only had a big shower. He has always been afraid of showers, so I told him I'd show him how to just clean off his legs. By the time he was cleaning off his arms I informed him that he was in fact "showering". Apparently that's all he needed to overcome that fear and he quickly put his head in and took a real shower. He was very proud of himself, and I have an absolutely adorable video of him doing the hokey pokey during his first ever shower.

After getting into some dry (and warmer) clothes, we were off to the Steel Pier for some rides. Tyler did some of his favorite, such as this boat ride.

Meanwhile Jason just enjoyed being out in the beautiful air, seeing the lights, and hanging with the fam.

Tyler's favorite ride was the roller coaster. It's not a great picture, but he's the one in the back with his hands up.

This is him imitating exactly how one holds up their arms during a roller coaster. LOL.

Afterwards we got PJs on and left for home. Both boys were asleep before our arrival. Gotta love it.