Friday, November 25, 2011

sleep study

On October 2nd the boys and I went to Smithville for their annual Arts in the Park event, just like we did the past couple years. The weather was iffy, but held out enough for us to do almost everything before the rain kicked us out. They got to see a performance ("Ernie and Niel"), made quite a few recycled crafts, played croquet, watched some traditional Chinese dances, and did some painting. Ended the day with a yummy treat of fried oreos!

That night was a night I had been dreading, Jason's sleep study. For those that don't know (or remember) Jason's neurologist had referred us for a sleep study months and months ago, as soon as he was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. Apparently sleep apnea is correlated with Chiari, so it was just protocol to do the sleep study. Well I didn't tell Jason where we were going cause if he had heard any word such as "doctor", "sleep", "study", "test", "appointment" or "hospital" he would have freaked out. We left plenty of time to get there, since I had never been there before and it was quite a trek. Luckily we left that window cause we hit crazy traffic. I had assumed we could kill some time at King of Prussia mall and get some dinner when we got there, but instead we grabbed a quick dinner at WaWa and that was it. At that point I had told Jason that we'd be sleeping overnight somewhere and didn't really give him much more information. He wasn't happy with that, but he was happy with the toys in the waiting room. The staff was really great with him, getting him checked in and back in his room with relatively little issue. He was quite happy to get to have his new Backyardigan's movie (courtesy of Jeanne's kids on his birthday...thank you) right in bed. I have to say, it was entirely heartbreaking to see the staff hook him up with all the sensors and such. His sleep technician was awesome, but no one enjoys that much stuff being attached to him (22 sensors, oxygen monitor, cannula, heartbeat monitor, and microphone. And lots of adhesive and gauze). He wasn't happy about it at all, but he was a trooper. He cried quietly the whole time, but didn't fight any of the stuff. And, he did fall asleep fairly easily, which shocked me. Unfortunately the rest of the night went horribly. He never slept for more than 45 minutes at a time, and each time he woke up he was combative and confused. It was just sad. And since they only had him in a hospital bed with rails, and he normally sleeps in a crib, he almost fell out of bed a few times. Needless to say, I NEVER slept!

We got home and he was definitely miserable. When it was time to go to school I almost kept him home, but he seemed agreeable to going, and they said he had one of this best days yet Go figure.

As you can see, he was quite tired out from his sleep study. He fell asleep on his own on the couch around 5pm. I thought for sure that he'd be up all night after that. He ended up waking up briefly, but basically fell asleep back in his crib and slept all night. He must have been exhausted.

Jason had storytime at Evesham Library and made a cool leaf wreath craft he was very proud of.

That afternoon Tyler had a new classmate over for a playdate. He was quite excited about that.

They played until it was time to take off for karate.

On Wednesday Jason and I enjoyed a nice morning at storytime at the Pinelands Library followed by a quick trip to the playground. We're there long before he announced his was tired and wanted to go home...odd child.

On Thursday Jason had his vaccine in the morning, which he was none too pleased about. Shortly thereafter it was our long-awaited physical therapy evaluation at CHOP Voorhees. It was interesting to watch, and apparently slightly perplexing for the evaluating therapist. She said that he was actually somewhat advanced in some areas (for one, ball skills) and then quite delayed in other areas. She felt that many of his delays could reflect more of his sensory processing problems and not a true delay stemming from a physical problem. However she also agreed that he would benefit from orthotics, so he qualified for weekly hour-long phsyical therapy for 8 weeks (and then will re-evaluate), an orthotist will come out to see him, and she said she'd speak to an occupational therapist to see if he would be better served in OT.

Meanwhile my grandfather collapsed at home, and after initially refusing treatment, did go to a previously scheduled cardiac appointment where they then sent him to and admitted him to the hospital.

That evening I had a H&S meeting. Due to the fact that my mom busy at the hospital with my grandfather, I got to bring the boys with me. Thank goodness for the girl scouts babysitting services, but Jason of course ended up in my lap instead.

On Friday we were stuck after school drop off chatting for a while, so it was a quick bike ride back home to get Jason dressed to get back to school so we could join Tyler and his class for the school kick-off for the new bullying program.

After that we literally rushed home on our bikes, jumped in the car, and showed up a couple minutes late for the JWA tot storytime at Vaughan Hall. It was a really cute storytime with a little craft and even a snack they decorated themselves.

After that our whirlwind morning continued, as we went directly from storytime to school so I could serve school lunch for the first time this year. Jason came with me, and it went waaaayyyy better than the last time I had been forced to bring him with me. He sat on his beach towel and just ate and was pleasant. And then it was a quick rush back home to grab the backpack and get right back to school for Jason's preschool.

While Jason was at preschool I went to Trader Joe's quickly and to then to the hospital to visit my grandfather. It was sad to see him so out-of-it and in pain.

That night, after karate, it was finally time to relax.

On Saturday the boys and I packed up and drove to Great Adventure. We stopped quickly at the outlets and then grabbed McDonald's while we were waiting for our friends to arrive. We went into the park and activated our 2012 season passes (we got a good deal on them...thanks to a christmas present from my parents...and would get a free season pass if they were activated in 2011). We then went to see the animal section and saw a "fright fest" themed animal show with snakes, hedgehog, and other "creepy" animals. Eventually Beth, Erich, Devon, Mackenzie and Olivia joined us. The kids had fun on some rides and such.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cub Scout camping, fall

Friday evening, although I was feeling horrible, I set off for Tyler's scout camping trip at Pinetree. It was raining lightly, and fairly cold, and not ideal at all for camping. I did manage to get everything set up though.

Knowing I had been pretty sick, my dad had offered to bring Tyler camping, but I had said no because I felt like I should be there. But ultimately I set up the tent, listened to Jason cry and whine about the rain and darkness and everything he thought was thunder...and called my dad to come take over. So my poor dad got to do the campfire (complete with scout songs I'm sure) and bedtime in a wet leaking tent.

The next morning Jason and I went and relieved my dad as soon as Jason woke up. Tyler got to raise the flag during the flag ceremony. They boys had a great time with various activities: hiking, rope tying, rainwater regatta, lunch, trail mix making, and dodgeball, amongst other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting.

That evening we had a nice get-together at Jim & Cara's.

a new phase begins

Monday had finally come (although I'm not sure I was ready for it)...Jason's first day of school. He had been placed in the afternoon preschool, so we spent the morning gearing up for school and putting together the cupcakes he'd be bringing into his class to celebrate his birthday.

All too soon he was off for his first day of preschool! He was very iffy, and there were some tears. But he did make it in the classroom.

I thought I would be an emotional mess, sitting at home worrying about him at school, but I guess it was lucky that I ended up having to go to the doctor's that day, due to the fact that my stomach pain from my Crohn's was still no better. They did some blood work and actually did allergy testing as well. Apparently I'm not allergic to any foods (which is frustrating...I'd love to know if certain foods bother me) but am still allergic to pollen and cats, and highly allergic to mold and dust. Also learned that I'm allergic to roaches. Good to know. LOL.

Meanwhile at school it happened to be class picture day. Tyler's of course went fine. Jason was none too pleased about the transition to the library for pictures and then was totally freaked by the bright lights. They got him to sit, crying, for the class picture, but they couldn't get him to sit for his individual picture. It's a shame, cause I totally would have bought an individual crying picture...what a great memory! LOL. I didn't want to post class pictures, so here is Tyler's individual pictures as well as the cropped version of Jason in his class picture. Note the tears. Poor guy.

Jason survived his first day of school! He apparently had a good day, with the exception of pictures, until the end of the day when they pack up. I guess they usually pack up and then have music class, but he was thrown off cause he thought he was already leaving, so he wouldn't cooperate. So, there were tears at the end of the day. He came out with this little birthday crown, and even though he didn't seem thrilled, he was so proud to "tell" his brother about his day at big boy school!

That evening Tyler was off to karate, while Jason moped around at home. Apparently preschool is tiring!

Tuesday morning Jason had his 3-year-old "well baby" (or is "child" now?) appointment.

Once Jason was off to his second day of preschool, I went in to help out with the H&S book fair. I wasn't even thinking that Jason's class would visit the book fair, so i got to see both of my boys while I was there when their classes came down to "browse". Jason was sooooo excited to see me, but of course wasn't happy when he had to leave me. Luckily they let me walk him back down to his classroom and then he was fine.

After school, when i was talking to his teacher she said "you're gonna have your hands full". Not typically what you'd want your son's preschool teacher to say on his 2nd day of school! Apparently there was an incident when he wanted another child's snack, so he shoved his snack across the table and proceeded to growl at everyone. Oh boy.

That night, karate again for Tyler.

Wednesday, day 3 of preschool, found me again volunteering in school for the book fair. I got to see both of my boys when they came down to shop, which was nice, and plenty of their friends as well.

That afternoon we had Connor over after school for a while, and were eventually joined by Mackenzie who was staying for a sleep over. Having not been feeling well myself, I was a little apprehensive about doing this, but they were very well behaved. Lots of Wii, crafting, food, and a movie. Good times.

After only 3 days of school for Jason, the boys had off on Thursday for Rosh Hashanah (hence why Tyler was allowed to have a sleep-over the night before). After dropping of Mackenzie at her house, I had planned on going out to buy supplies to finish Tyler's rainwater regatta boat for his scouting trip over the weekend. Jeanne and I realized that collectively we had enough supplies to do it, so I went to her house for the boys to work on their boats.

Afterwards we went to Conte's farm to go apple picking, only to discover that they were already out of apples! So reluctanly we went to Johnson's, knowing that we'd have to spend way more than we had planned. The boys had fun though on their hay ride and apple picking.

That night Jim and Cara came over and we all got to do foot bath detoxes. Interesting stuff.

By Friday was in a little bit more of a routine and set off for his last day of preschool for the week. I got to spend his preschool 2.5 hours packing for our scout camping trip that night. I managed to survive a full week of preschool without having any down time to myself to worry about things. Good and bad!