Saturday, October 31, 2009

busy weekends

Saturday started off on little sleep, as usual. We also were having a garage sale at my brothers, so we went there to help out a bit. From there I went on to garage sale. Got some great deals on clothes for Jason. All name brand stuff for like $.50/piece. Also got some toys, which was good. Jason has limited toys.

After then it was off to Subway for a quick lunch before soccer. Soccer was interesting. Tyler kinda seemed like he was on a different planet, kinda flittering around out there. I guess he had fun, which at this age is all that matters. My grandfather showed up to watch him play, which was nice.

After a rest we had safe trick-or-treating at Shawnee. They collected candy through the halls and then played games and activities in the cafeteria. Tyler also met up with Mackenzie and we sat down and had an early dinner together. Also let Jason have his first piece of candy, a lollipop. He was quite pleased.

Saturday night, since the parade was cancelled, we ended up going to Jacob's party at the swim club. I was a little worried since Ty doesn't swim, but he wasn't the only one with swimmies or a swim vest and he had a great time with all his friends. A late night for all of us.

On Sunday we went to help out Jim with his garage sale, and then off to try to hit some sales as well. Nothing too good. We grabbed a quick lunch and then it was off to Tyler's friend Patrick's birthday part at the bowling alley. It was all boys, so there was lots of roughhousing, but I was surprised to see them all dancing to certain songs (the one pictured I believe was for the "cha cha slide"). Jason busied himself with pizza crust and cheese puffs...yes, cheese puffs. He then took a tumble down 2 stairs in the 1/4 second I turned my head to say goodbye to someone. He was a cranky little boy after that.

As if my weekend hadn't been busy enough, so I decided to bring the boys to great adventure one last time before it closed for the season. I had a return at the outlet, so we went there first. I got some great deals at The Children's Place outlet (pants for Tyler for $3.50, shirts for $2.50) so I was pretty happy I went. Then we head on over to GA, which was insanely crowded. We literally probably walked 10-15 minutes just to get to the park gates. Anyway, it was all decorated for Halloween, including a trick-or-treat trail (cheesy). Tyler couldn't go on many rides because there was no one to watch Jason, but he went on a couple. Unfortunately something was up with Jason and he was just screaming and screaming (after screaming the whole car ride there as well) so we ended up coming home earlier than expected. We were all tired though, so it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

October 19-23

Monday: I was still feeling sick. Really sick. I spent the day napping when the baby napped and just trying to get through the day. Jason got ready to cheer on the Phillies that night.
As I said, I was dragging, so I let Tyler have a "party" night and we ate pizza and watched Halloween movies. In perfect timing we got a knock on the door. My dad answered to find we had been "ghosted". Tyler was sooooo excited. We later found it was his friend Mackenzie, which made him all the more happier.

Tuesday: After school we went up to the mall to pick up our pictures from Sears. Of course we also got some Auntie Anne's pretzels. Then it was off to chick-fil-a for kids night, as usual.

Wednesday: The kids were all geared up for the big Phillies game, and looking so cute, if I do say myself. After school we had a little playdate at the playground and walked home with Mackenzie. Have I ever mentioned that Mackenzie says that she and Tyler are going to get married. She tells her parents how they will go on dates and fall in love and all. Tyler, being a typical boy, is not in on this plan. However, they did have their first "car date" in teh front yard. According to Mackenzie they were off to Mexico.

That night we learned that it was a free evening at The Franklin Institute, sponsored by Target. We had been wanting to go, but it can be quite costly, so we took full advantage of this program. We got there at arrival time (5:00) and Tyler was so excited by the Halloween goody bags and treats (we learned that Jason liked the one treat, a pomegranate fruit bar). We had a nice time, but it was crowded, as expected. I get the distinct impression that some city school just bussed over about 500 young children, supervised by perhaps 2 adults. Regardless Tyler had fun, especially with the gigantic heart and the observatory. I'm glad we went, but also very glad we didn't pay a ton of money to go. Free is good.

Oh, and the Phils kicked some butt. Tyler was so excited he had been in Philadelphia (for the museum) and kept telling everyone, who of course though that Tyler had been at the game. LOL.

Thursday: After school Tyler had his next cavity appointment. This was for the worst of the 4 cavities, that essentially needed a child root canal. Again, thank goodness for the laughing gas. I don't think he was even aware that he got a shot of novacaine, and was totally at ease. The biggest issue with the appointment was making him keep the cotton in his mouth afterwards so that he wouldn't bite up his cheek and tongue and all while he was still numb.

That night we finally got around to "ghosting" the 2 people we needed to ghost. Tyler picked "Ms. Pat" across the street and "Asia" next door. Asia would be the dog next door. LOL.

Friday: Ummm, I have no clue. I really need to get better about the blogging. I do know that I realized for sure that Jason had created his own way of requesting to breastfeed. I really thought I'd be done nursing before my baby could crawl/walk over, lift up my shirt, and frantically sign for more. The little stinker. Speaking of Jason, still not talking, AT ALL (although he says somethign that sounds like "flower", but refers to anything). He also has no need to walk. Although he can, he chooses not to.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin time

It was a yucky rainy weekend. Garage sales cancelled. Soccer pictures happened, but soccer was cancelled. We were supposed to go out and enjoy the day, as well as pick out some more pumpkins for carving, but that was cancelled. Instead we went to a roadside stand and bought some.

Then Tyler insisted on painting some mini pumpkins.

Sunday my brother Jim and Cara had us over for a pumpkin carving party and spaghetti dinner. We had a nice time carving. Unfortunately I had come down with a bit of a cold and my allergies kicked in full swing when we got there, so after a couple of hours I couldn't handle it anymore and had to leave. We had a nice time though, and it was good to see my brother Chris (who had moved in with Jim and Cara). And I must say, we had some impressive pumpkins!

October 12-16

Monday: Al and I took Jason out for breakfast while Tyler was at school (yes, they had school on Columbus Day and Al had off work). Came home and Al played with the boys before a tearful goodbye and trip to the airport.

Tuesday: I had a really sleepy boy on my hands, which is very odd so a picture was necessary.
That afternoon after school Tyler had the first of his cavity filling dentist appointments. I was really nervous, but obviously put on my best game face. Tyler isn't known for his bravery, so my dad went along with us to entertain Jason. Tyler was afraid of even the dentist chair, so I wasn't thinking things would go well, but after that laughing gas went into effect all was good. Thank god for that stuff. He had 2 small cavities filled, without issue. The dentist and staff were awesome with him and I am so thankful for a pleasant experience.

What day can't be improved by a trip to Chick-fil-A. That's right, kid night!

Wednesday: Where did fall go? 39 degrees at kindergarten drop off! The rest of the day was rained out. I think we may have gone to my grandparents that evening, but I can't be sure.

Thursday: Rain, rain, go away! Well, don't laugh, but desperate times call for desperate measures....chick-fil-a for the third time in a week. I'm not proud of it, but it is what it is. Tyler's friend Lily had a birthday a week or two ago, but no party, so we threw her an impromptu party playdate...Lily, Mackenzie, and Tyler. They had a ball playing for a couple of hours and it was a great solution for a nasty day.

Friday: Another cold rainy nasty day. Seriously, 38 degrees? I'd rather it be 6 degrees colder and get some snow instead! Couple that with my lack of sleep and you can guess that it wasn't my favorite day. I entertained Tyler with some crafts, then passed the time with baths, time outs, a haircut for Ty, and some TV. My life is fascinating, huh?

Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkin picking

After my grandfather's ceremony on Saturday, followed by brunch, we got a call that Al had arrived from NC. His dad had picked him up at the airport for his last visit for a while, and they were all waiting for us at the house. Al's dad and Leslie hung out at the house for a while, and Al got to see Jason take his second round of steps!

Not too much later we had to leave for soccer. It was our turn for snack and it was raining. Pretty nasty out, but it wasn't cancelled, so we had to be there. Tyler was on a different planet, kinda just floating around on the field out there. Oh well, I guess he had fun.

At the game Al's mom and step dad came by, so when we were done with the game we went to see their new place. The boys had fun playing.

That afternoon Jason learned to scribble on the magnetic board, which he found fascinating.

Saturday night we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. It was still raining and Ty needed to expend some energy. It was a good call. They had fun.

On Sunday, after Jason's nap, we went over to Conte's Farm for pumpkin picking, lunch, and the corn maze. It was pretty crowded, but we obviously showed up at the right time because it was packed by the time we left. Everyone had a nice time, and it was good to be out in the fresh air.

That afternoon we watched the Eagles game before heading over to Pump it Up for a birthday party for Tyler's classmate.