Wednesday, February 29, 2012

January 22-28

On Sunday, after having missed our main opportunity to enjoy the snow on Saturday when we were dealing with the funeral, we skipped church and my women's club brunch to go sledding (because I knew we'd be busy the rest of the day as well). I wasn't sure how Jason would do, as he'd never been sledding, but he was anxious to get outside and play in the snow. we started off in our side yard "sledding" down a tiny hill (TINY) and Jason loved it, so we packed up and drove to the school field to go sledding. Jason ended up loving long as he didn't accidentally turn around and end up sliding down backwards. He even learned eventually how to pull his own sled back up the hill. Too cute. Can't wait to take them again.

We came home, ate lunch, warmed up, and then took off for Tyler's Pinewood Derby. Honestly, as with last year, MY main goal was that it at least make it down the ramp without falling off or stalling. So, his "tech deck" themed car did do that, and managed to come in 2nd or 3rd in his grouping of boys. Not enough to advance, but enough to make him happy. Success!

My parents were off to AC that evening, so the boys and I switched things up with a dinner picnic in the dining room. It's amazing how such a little thing can make them so happy.

On Monday Tyler had his first counseling appointment with me. Hoping we can get to the bottom of some of his anger and anxiety. Love my little boy so much and want what is best for him always. Then off to karate.

On Tuesday Tyler had his friend Connor over for a playdate. As usual, Teddy was a highlight of the afternoon. Seeing the kids play with the guinea pig reminded me that I definitely wanted to capture a picture of Jason's nightly routine...kissing Teddy goodnight. She's such a sweet guinea pig.

On Wednesday we finally had a little break in the weather and got to get outside for a bit. Still sporting that monster hat.

That evening my parents took me and the boys to the AC buffet. The boys enjoyed the food as usual.

On Thursday, after club and karate, Tyler showed us this writing assignment, that just melted me when I read it. I think it got his pop-pop a bit emotional too. So sweet.

On Friday after school the boys finally got a chance to check out the new wii game Tyler had gotten for Christmas (some "extreme challenge" game with rock climbing and skateboarding and stuff).

That evening we had Olivia's rescheduled 3rd birthday party. Boys had a blast!

On Saturday Jeanne and I took the kids to chick-fil-a for lunch and then went to the playground to let the kids blow off some steam. Too bad Tyler's behavior made it not as enjoyable as it could have been. Sigh.

That evening Bob came over and we had a little Wii competition of bowling and such.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

January 15-21

On Sunday Tyler had a party to attend for his friend Alex at the bowling alley. He had a nice time. Sorry, no pictures.

On Monday the kids had off of school due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and luckily they were invited to Jason's classmate Gianna's birthday party at Pump-it-Up. The boys had a blast!

That afternoon they put together the 2 gingerbread kits we were given as a gift from our neighbor. Great indoor activity for a cold day!

On Tuesday we somehow managed to get from kids night at Chick-fil-A to karate for Tyler in record time.

On Wednesday Jason rocked out to some Elmo while Tyler did some Pinewood Derby car work with my dad.

That evening I went to the first meeting of the new Medford Lakes Women's Club. Hope it's gonna be a good year!

On Thursday I got to do my first injections completely on my own, which was less than pleasant.

That evening we whipped up a cake for Grandmom and Pop-pop John (who had celebrated their birthdays earlier in the week) and went to celebrate with them.

On Friday I went into Tyler's class for "art enrichment" and lead their class in a little art lesson and project. It's always fun to go into the kids classes. That evening, off to karate. Blah, blah, blah.

Saturday morning the snow started to fall. Unfortunately it was a rainy sleety icy mess, so not sledding/playing conditions.

Inside my dad and Tyler finished up their pinewood derby car.

That afternoon unfortunately I had to bring Tyler to his first funeral ever. Al's dad had passed away almost 2 weeks prior and he had come up for the funeral on Saturday. I brought Tyler to the funeral and then went home to pick up Jason and met everyone over at Filomena's for a late lunch. It was nice to see everyone, but of course I'd rather for it to be under better circumstances. Luckily Tyler wasn't too upset by things, and instead I think just looked at it as a day to see his daddy. I later brought the boys back home while Al finished up at the restaurant and I later braved the increasingly icy weather and brought them to my sister-in-law's house where Al and Michele were staying for the evening. My mother-in-law came over as well and we just hung out and the boys enjoyed some take-out with their dad.

January 8-14

On Sunday after church we got busy making the icing and assembling Bob's cake.

Tyler spent a good deal of time looking at his hand-me-down microscope. Who knew looking at head lice could be so fun?

After I picked up Tyler at cub scouts me and the boys head over to Bob's to "surprise" him for his birthday. We had a nice afternoon/evening.

On Monday morning Jason worked on his first "homework" ever, which was meant to be a family project of decorating a mitten. Jason was NOT pleased and I had to laugh thinking of the difference between my two boys. Tyler loves homework and here Jason was, on his first day ever of "homework", whining over it. In reality he ended up having fun, but he would not let me touch it. So much for "family project".

Eventually grumpy monster boy got off to school. He loves this stupid hat, and he does think it gives him permission to growl at anyone and everyone.

Monday ended with karate for Tyler.

On Tuesday, with me still covered in bruises from my stupid blood work last week as well as injections (I fear I'm starting to look abused) we took off to a story time at the library for Jason. At the craft segment they put together a snowman and added details to it with marker. I was so impressed with Jason finally putting on some accurate facial features....everything in the right spot!

That afternoon Tyler got his first earned play date (from his new behavior system). He was happy to have a play date with someone he doesn't normally play with outside of school.

While Tyler was at karate my mom watched Jason so I could spend some time at the SEAC meeting (special education thing).

On Wednesday Tyler was lucky to get another play date at his friend Mackenzie's house. That evening my parents again had to watch the boys for a bit while I attended an important board of education meeting.

On Thursday, after school and Tyler's club, he finally got a chance to really check out the walkie talkies his uncle Chris had given him.

And my dad gave the boys haircuts. I finally let him actually buzz cut Jason. He looks so grown up!

On Friday, after an early dismissal. We got to spend our free time at a less-than-pleasant 6-month dental visit with the boys. So very frustrating to see that they've both acquired my horrible teeth (although their father's aren't great either). Tyler, if I can remember correctly, needs 2 fillings, a cap, and a sealant. Jason needs 2 fillings. Ugh. From their it was off to target to run some errands, including some new toothbrushes for the boys of course. Again, as I said, ugh. Ugh, ugh. Then off to some make-up karate for Tyler (still making up from the week he missed while he was at his dad's house).

On Saturday we were invited to birthday party for my friend's daughter Hailey. The boys had a blast of course and Jason really did great trying some new stuff, such as the obstacle course, which he was eventually able to do by himself. Go little man!

Speaking of birthday parties, happy 88th to my pop-pop (who is currently in FL for the winter)!