Saturday, June 26, 2010

hello summer!

Monday, the first official day of summer, started out like most school days. Walk to take Ty to school, a little cleaning, a little playing, a little nap, and then picking him up. A little playtime at the playground (to wear off the sugar high from the TWO summer birthdays they celebrated at school) and then speech therapy. While Jason had speech my mom took Tyler on a "date". Afterwards I decided to let Tyler enjoy a summer tradition...running through the sprinkler. Eventually I let Jason join him. Jason was definitely leery, but eventually made his way in. He did quite well for his first sprinkler experience! They were out there for over an hour!

After our fun playtime we came in to enjoy a delicious summer dinner. Fresh jersey corn was part of the menu (purchased at the farmer's market on Saturday), and I was surprised when Jason begged for some. I can't believe how far his eating skills have come in the last couple of months, to allow him to eat corn on the cob. Too cute.

As Jason was finishing up his corn (which took a long time...everyone else was already up from the table) he spotted my dad outside watering the plants and immediately wanted to join him. My dad came inside just as I was carrying Jason outside, but he had his heart set on watering so I allowed him to squirt a few plants. We hung out for a little bit and then I told him it was time to go inside. He went to turn away from me to try to put a stone in the birdbath and managed to trip on his own two feet and fall straight into the concrete bird bath. I took one look at the fall and knew we'd be spending our evening at the ER. A look at the gash (vertical cut right in the middle of his forehead) and the blood confirmed it. Luckily both my parents were home, so my mom grabbed a towel so I could put pressure on the wound and then we got in the car (she drove so I could sit in the back with him) while my dad stayed home with Tyler. He was screaming initially but then calmed down, but seemed very lethargic and generally just "not with it". We got to Mt. Holly hospital and of course he perked right up....trotting around the waiting room, looking at fish in the aquarium, etc. Anyway, because he was "obviously doing okay" (as per triage nurse) they deemed it a "minor emergency" and we ended up waiting about 1.25 hours to be seen. Great fun. Eventually they came to see us and decided they wanted to do a catscan, due to the location of the injury, his young age, and he size of the bump. We waited an hour to go get the catscan. Catscan was torture for me as they strapped Jason to a board and would only allow me to stand there and "comfort him" by touching his lower legs and talking to him. Let me tell you, my rendition of "twinkle twinkle" did nothing to calm down the child who was hysterically screaming "ma ma ma ma". Heartbreaking. From there we waited another 1/2 hr before they came in to stitch him up. The staff was discouragingly NOT confident, which didn't help ME have much confidence in them. I had to help show them how to use the papoose board (I was brilliant enough to read the freakin directions posted directly on it. Rocket science). Then they seemed really wishy-washy about how they were going to drape his head, stitch him, how many stitches to use, etc. At this point I wish I would have demanded someone else. In all actuality they stitched him up nicely (or so I've been told). He ended up requiring 4 stitches and then 2 steristrips at the top and bottom of the cut. He was such a trooper through it all, only crying during portions where he was strapped to boards. He even let her clean it and use the numbing agent without fussing. My little man was so brave. This photo was from the waiting room, prior to stitches.

So 3 hours in the hopsital, 1 catscan, 4 stitches, 2 steristrips and we were back hom. Jason seemed totally fine at home and luckily did well that night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

There have been a few years where Al hasn't been present for Father's Day, but it seems particularly difficult this year. I guess cause I feel to blame since he's not able to be with them. Anyway, without further ado, Happy Father's Day to Al from the boys.

And it wouldn't seem right to not acknowledge the other dads in my life. My own wonderful dad, who has always been there for me as a wonderful provider, a wonderful father, and proof to me that there are truly good husbands and men in this world. Also Happy Father's Day to Al's step-father John, who is a regular part of my boys life now that we're back in NJ. And we can't forget MY grandfather. I'm so blessed that he's still a part of my life and thrilled that the boys have such a wonderful relationship with their great-grandfather, as I realize this is truly a blessing that not many people have. I also can't forget my brothers, even though they aren't biological fathers yet, but they are there providing love and support to my boys. And Happy Father's Day to all the other great dads out there!

This morning was spent with a Father's Day brunch at my parents house. My brother Jim joined us, as well as my grandparents. After some sprinkler time for Tyler, we're now just vegging out, waiting for this 94-degree day to pass. Have a short trip to Al's mom and John's planned and then it's home for a little BBQ back here. Wish I could say I was enjoying this rare lazy day, but that wouldnt' necessarily be the truth. Like I said, feeling a little badly about the situation and also reaffirming that I just don't like lazy days. Instead of them truly being lazy, they are spent disciplining a little stubborn 5-year-old. He does MUCH better with activity. I guess we both do.

Earth Fair, 2010

Saturday morning was the much-anticipated start to the Medford Lakes Farmer's Market. We were there shortly after opening with my mom, and stocked up on Jersey corn (first of the season), blueberries, and cherries. Yum!

From there we dropped my mom off at home and set off for the Earth Fair at Smithville Mansion. It was our 3rd trip to the Earth Fair...and each of those 3 times have been during oppressive heat. Ugh. But we beat the heat a bit by getting there at opening, just before 10:00. We did some of the same things we've done before, such as planting flowers in buckets, feeding animals from Paws farm, creating "Art from Junk" (a personal favorite of Tyler's), nature art projects, bookmarks, etc. We also saw a cute show and Tyler volunteered to participate. There was also a section this year where you'd get a "passport" to have stamped at each of 15 stations. Some kids just went through, waiting to get their passports stamped for the prize at the end, but not my child. Listened to each presentation, participated, inquired, etc. He certainly earned his t-shirt and water bottle! We also planted a cranberry "bog in a cup" and ate some yummy food. Poor Jason was pretty sweaty and miserable though, so after 4 hours (yes, FOUR hours) I convinced Tyler to head on home with all his "treasures".

After a quick stop at Walmart we were home and vegged for a while before heading to the lake for an after-dinner swim.


On Wednesday my mom got her hair cut. Looks very cute. Boys approve.

That evening we took a little trip to the lake for Tyler to test out his snorkel gear.

That evening I got out of the house for a bit after the boys were in bed for a Junior Women's meeting. Always nice to socialize.

On Thursday I picked up Tyler and we ate a quick lunch then went to visit Olivia again. She's so cute and sooooo good. Jason wasn't quite as jealous, and Tyler was well-behaved too, so it was a nice visit. Short one though, as we had to be home in time for Jason's occupational therapy that afternoon.

After therapy my mom took Tyler out and I went out and finally got the ice cream maker I had been wanting.

On Friday morning I had plans to take Jason in to visit Al's mom at her work. Jason had fun playing with a balloon, coloring in the library, and eating teddy grahams.

Not long after we got home I got a message that my friend Andrea (from grade school) was visiting at the lake. Since Jason wasn't napping anyway, we made a quick trip down to say hello before I had to leave to go get Tyler from school.

On Friday evening we had Chinese food for dinner at a brand new place here (Panda Garden, for you locals) which was really good. After dinner we went over to my grandparents to check on our multi-generational garden (and of course to eat some ice cream...or "ice dream" rice milk ice cream in Jason's case...cause that's just what we do when we go there).It's grown a tremendous amount, with corn almost as tall as Tyler. Blackberries are starting to darken, some strawberries have ripened. We've got a few green tomatoes, lots of blossoms on our cucumbers, and a few baby watermelons and peppers. Very exciting. As as exciting as it is, we've learned a lot for next year. Like we need a garden at least twice the size. And we learned that cucumber vines will wrap themselves tightly around the chicken wire gate, allowing you to not open the gate without destroying the vine. Sneaky little buggers.

because I'm crazy

On Tuesday, after a long hot day at school for the boys for field day, I picked up Tyler and we went immediately to Great Adventure. Why you ask? Because I'm crazy. After a LONG day at Great Adventure on Friday and then a jam-packed weekend, another trip to Great Adventure seemed insane. But I had 2 more of those free coupons (technically my parents coupons) and it seemed a waste to not use them considering my friend Melinda had never taken her daughter (and the coupons were due to expire on Friday with no available day left to use them). So she pulled her at lunchtime from Kindergarten and I took Tyler as soon as he got done and we met up at the McDonald's down the street to carpool to Great Adventure. I'm sad to report that Tyler did not have the best behavior. In fact, bad behavior doesn't even begin to cover the extent of it. He was horrendous, and had we not carpooled he would have had his little butt dragged home hours prior to when we eventually left. Despite that I think he did have fun though, and Jason definitely did, but poor Melinda and Scarlett for having to put up with him. We did see a cute dolphin show we've never seen before too, so that was fun. Unfortunately our dinner left something to be desired as well. I think a letter to corporate might be in order. Wish I could say something more positive about the trip. Hoping we can redeem ourselves with better behavior next time we see them. In Tyler's defense (his only defense), I think he was exhausted.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

field day

Tuesday was Tyler's field day. As you can see from the pictures, he was on the blue team, which he was excited about because he currently believes blue is his favorite color. Anyway, field day couldn't have been planned better, with gorgeous weather and not a cloud in the sky. The only negative to that was the fact that they had to wear hats so all of my pictures have their faces in shadows due to hats! Anyway, I went down to watch for a while and it was really cute. Luckily Jason cooperated and stayed in his stroller so I could watch and take pictures. They had tons of cute activities, such as water balloon tosses, 3-legged races, wheelbarrow races, parachute games, etc. Tyler and his classmates all had a great time!