Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Day, 2009

Halloween 2009 was a busy one!

The morning started off with breakfast and then we head out into the yard to do some mischief night cleanup.

By 10:00am we were off to the Junior Women's Halloween party. It was pretty empty and we were in an out pretty quickly, but Tyler had fun. Meanwhile Jason stayed home with my parents while napping.

At noon we had soccer. Ty seemed to keep up a bit more out there on the field. Still needs work for sure. LOL. Anyway, he had fun. And he got candy, so what more can you ask for. Jason got his first cookie, which he apparently enjoyed immensely.

After soccer we went right over to Indian Acres for some fun. It was lightly drizzling but the sun was out, so we took our chances. I had been meaning to get the boys back there and I figured it would be a good was to blow off some steam and relax a bit before the rest of our day. Plus I had some coupons for a free barrel train ride and jumpin pumpkin, we got some hotdogs and just enjoyed ourselves with the playground, rides, and feeding the goats.

After Indian Acres Ty got changed into his costume in the car and we went right to Al's mom and John's place for a quick visit to show off the boys in costume (well, Jason just wore his hood because the I couldn't shove him in the carseat with his costume on).

Finally 4:00 had arrived and it was trick-or-treat time. I let Jason finish up his nap and got started at a few houses with Tyler. We then went to a few neighbors houses with my mom and Jason. I figured Tyler would want to continue on, but in fact he wanted to come back and hand out candy. Go figure. After a quick pizza dinner and some candy distribution, we got a call and met up with his friend Mackenzie and trick-or-treated with them for a couple of hours. Ty and Mackenzie had a great time. Jason was happy eating an apple and later getting his whole body and costume sticky with a lollipop.

The evening ended with a late night trip to my grandparents. The gave the boys a snack and they played a little. We were there for almost an hour and a half, which surprised me after a long day.
Upon getting home Jason went immediately to bed. Ty, on the other hand, wanted to hand out more candy. It had started raining so we figured the trick-or-treaters had gone home, so we all took turns sneaking to the front door and knocking to get candy. Ty thought that was quite funny. Finally, about 2 hours past bedtime, it was nighty night. A nice, and busy, Halloween!

Of course our night wasn't over. Phillies game, which didn't go as well as we had hoped.

October 26-30

Monday: We finally got a chance to meet up with my friend Melinda and her daughter Scarlett. We went to her Chick-fil-A for kids night, which included free kids meals, a craft, and ice cream! Ty had a nice time, and it was good to finally catch up. As a side note, the next day I got a call that her daughter was running a fever. A few days later I was informed that they believe it to be swine flu...nice.

Tuesday: Blah. Rain. That night I think was the night we went to visit my brother Chris in the hospital. It was nice to see him, but not the best of visits.

Wednesday: Hmmmmmm. It rained, again. I am beginning to despise rain. I do know that I called 31 times before getting through to the pediatrician to request the swine flu shot for Jason. I then waited for 25 minutes on hold before being offered one time slot to bring him in. I took it. It was a tough decision to make though. I know people are very unsure about this vaccination, but after a lot of research and discussion, I just don't think I could live with myself if I decided not to vaccinate and the kids were to get very ill. It's a scary thing.

That evening, Phillies won game one of the world series.

Thursday: In the AM I brought Jason to the pediatrician for his swine flu shot. It was insanely busy with phone calls and people dropping in to try to get shots/sprays for their kids. Apparently my persistence had paid off, and along with some lucky timing, I had gotten Jason one of the flew shots that they had available. He didn't realize he had been given a shot and instead blew kisses to the nurse. Cute.

I knew that they were having a trick-or-treat parade through Shoprite but had decided that we had done enough Halloween things and that Ty certainly didn't need anymore candy. I brought the boys to go grocery shopping earlier in the afternoon to avoid the crowds. Sometimes I think Ty's reading ability is a curse, cause didn't the child read the sign that mentioned the parade. And then the lady at Scrunchies (the kids "nursery" that Ty sometimes goes too) told him to come on back at 4:00 for the parade. Really I would never hear the end of it otherwise, so we got home and unpacked he groceries and left Jason with my parents while I took Ty back. It was cute and organized well as they marched through Shoprite on their parade for treats. I believe they had 8 stations, each giving out 2 "treats" (mostly bagged chips and such). He ended up with a huge bag of stuff, perfect for snacks for school. He was quite happy. Afterwards they all went to the cafe and had apple slices with caramel dip and chocolate milk. There was also a balloon lady. Ty requested a dog balloon. He had a nice time.

Phillies lose game 2. Boo.

Friday: Tyler was soooooo excited to wear his costume to school. What kid wouldn't be excited about party day? They apparently did crafts, activities, and of course ate junk. When I picked him up we went and spent some time at the playground to attempt to burn off that sugar high before the school parade at 1:30. He was so excited to be in the parade. Unfortunately I didn't get any great pictures. Maybe my mom got some better ones as he came down the street towards our house

That night I had an all time low. I brought the kids to Walmart, me in sweatpants. We ate in McDonalds IN Walmart. Ty wore his PJs. Jason had on an outfit but lost his socks after removing them for the 18th time. Classy.