Friday, December 30, 2011

It's December!

Ah, Thursday, the first day of December. How did that happen?

It was another early release day, which means all I do is drive to/from school and I feel like no one is actually AT school. Anyway, Jason came home with this whole bucket of Christmas goodies from his friend Gianna. He was quite pleased.

Tyler came home with this math book that his friend Sammie had made for him. That boy does love learning. He was quite excited to do extra math. Ha, ha.

Being that it was the first day of December, the boys broke into their advent calendars. This is the first year I had purchased them, but Trader Joe's had them for $1 each, so I figured why not.

Afterwards my mom watched Ty so I could bring Jason to his PT that he normally goes to in the morning. Afterwards I picked up Ty so he could go to a "reading rumpus" at the library.

On Friday before school Tyler helped me get our Spirit of the Holidays gift wrapped up so I could drop it off to Jeanne.

Then it was off to take my mom to PT and run some errands. That day was yet again ANOTHER half day, so the boys killed some time playing pirate outside.

That evening we went to Bob's house and helped him decorate his tree.

Afterwards we went over to Maple Shade's holiday festival thing. They had a parade (small one, but a parade is a parade and the boys are fans), tree lighting, music, hot chocolate and candy cane shaped pretzels, ice carving, story reading, a petting zoo, amongst other stuff. Tyler was tired or something and had a bit of an attitude, but they had fun. Jason LOVED the animals and Tyler was totally captivated by the ice carving for some reason.

We finished off the evening by driving around and looking at Christmas lights. I must say, Maple Shade has Medford Lakes beat in that department!

On Saturday morning we went over to Home Depot for their Kids Workshop. I used to do these fairly frequently with Tyler, but then I guess we sort of forgot about them. This was Jason's first ever one and he was so excited to get his little apron. They made and then painted snowman napkin holders. They also got hot chocolate (which burned even my tongue) AND Santa was there. I was shocked when Jason agreed to sit near Santa. It may have had something to do with the candy canes he was handing out. When Santa asked what he wanted Jason answered "balls" and Santa even understood him. Too funny!

We grabbed some quick lunch in the car before heading over to Garden State Discovery Museum to take advantage of their promotion (when you buy a year pass you get an extra 4 months for free). My mom gave me her credit card and she purchased that as a Christmas gift for the boys. Very cool! We got there literally just in time for a small performance from the Voorhees Ballet of a few scenes from The Nutcracker. Then of course we had some play time in the museum.

That evening we went over to Jeanne's to meet up with her and her boys to walk over to Trading Post Way where the girl scouts where supposed to be having an event with food and such. We found barely anything happening so instead we packed in my car and went to McDonald's to eat sundaes while we killed some time. When it was late enough we went back to Jeanne's and walked over to Oaks Hall for the annual Christmas Eve tree lighting. The evening starts off with cookies and hot chocolate before the Lions Club President (or maybe it's the mayor? I should know this. Hmm) gathers kids to sing Christmas carols, followed by the reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then everyone bundles up to go outside to count down to the tree lighting of the tree on the lake. Meanwhile sirens start up as Santa makes his way down Stokes Road in a firetruck. Jason was in utter fascination and was waving to him. So cute. Afterwards they go back inside and stand in line to see Santa. After Tyler's turn Jason was willing to climb up there on Santa's lap with Tyler!

november comes to an end

Somehow I have not a SINGLE picture from November 27-30th. I'm not even sure how this is possible. Yikes! I'm guessing I wasn't feeling very well, which is the only thing that can explain my lack of pictures AND lack of facebook posts.

This was Tyler's "star of the week" week at school. He got to start it off on Monday with bringing in a picture so he could complete the board with all the information that he would present to his class.

That morning I brought Jason along to the first ever H&SA Coffee Club. That was fun and Jason enjoyed the munchkins. Somehow I signed myself up to be a co-chair for an event next year. Apparently I aquired my mom's inability to say no.

Also did some PT to/from driving for my mom.

Tyler had a make-up speed stacking club and then pretty much went right from there to karate. Late at night I finally remembered it had been report card day. Of course he did wonderfully! All outstandings for actual subjects, and a mix of O (outstanding) and G (good) for his "specials". All good remarks from his teacher as well. So proud of my big boy!

Tuesday night I attended my first ever SEAC meeting, which focused on potential upcoming changes in the special education classes in school. Very interesting. After the over 2 hours there, I ran out to do some late night shopping, hoping to get some Christmas things. Did manage to get some stuff.

On Wedneday we kept ourself busy with PT driving and the really stupid half-day schedule.

I did take this video of Jason "talking". I love how far he's come and my mom is always telling me how I need to document it.

That evening I had both of the boys parent-teacher conferences, this one being Jason's very first one. All went well with that!

November 20-26 (Thanksgiving week)

On Sunday we all worked together on a Welcome Home sign for my mom, who was finally due to be discharged from a less-than-pleasant stay in rehab. I know the boys were looking forward to having her home too!

That afternoon Tyler had a scout pack meeting. The boys all worked on folding flags that will be going in small packages overseas to our troops. After other business they boys received some awards, including those for popcorn sales. Thanks to all of our generous friends, family, and strangers, Tyler sold the 3rd in his pack. He also earned some sort of missile launcher, a special patch, and a gift card to amazon. And he also earned the right to throw a pie in his den leaders face.

And of course he volunteered to bring home some flags to fold. Of course. Cause we've got all the time in the world. All for a good cause though.

Monday was story time at the library, Thanksgiving themed as you can see!

My mom finally came home! It was good to see her and they boys were quite happy! Still thought it was a good idea to get Tyler off to karate and give her a little quiet in the house.

That night I did a late night shopping trip to Shoprite, hoping to avoid the thanksgiving crowds. Fairly successful. Of course ended up back later in the week for the rest of our stuff and our free turkey.

After having tried for a long time, I finally had succeeded in getting Jason signed up for a Tumbling Tots class at the library. Boy am I glad I did. He absolutely loved it and I honestly teared up watching how much fun he had and how well he was doing. He has come a long way!

That afternoon, while the boys were at school, I had a dentist appointment to pick up my mouth guard. Hopefully no more teeth grinding! After school Ty had a make-up speed stacking club and karate. Busy little boy!

Jason expressed his Indian heritage before driving my mom to PT that morning.

After an early dismissal from school, the boys and I head over to the mall to try to get some things. Bob met us there for dinner, and during a potty break we discovered a "family" bathroom with a mini toilet. Jason was soooo incredibly excited.

After dinner we killed some time at a surprisingly uncrowded Chuck E Cheese, using only tokens that had been sitting in the cup holder of my car. No money spent. Nice! Jason got a little obsessive about trying to play skeeball. I thought that would NEVER end.

On thursday, as usual, the boys watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade, before we later went to Jim & Cara's for a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. Yummy! Tyler also entertained with his speed stacking skills with his new stacking cups with he earned with his prize money from selling boyscout popcorn.

That night, after the boys were in bed, I went to Bob's and we got brave and hit the early Black Friday shopping at Walmart. Apparently brave means crazy. The store was INSANE! But because I wasn't looking to purchase any electronics deals, I managed to check out with my toy-related items all before midnight. Insane, but not too bad. Next year I think I'll just stick with my handy

On Friday I had signed up Tyler for a Black Friday Boot Camp at his karate studio. he had been wanting to do it because they were doing dodgeball and a pizza party and such. I was more than willing to have Tyler be busy for the day!

Jason made his daddy a Happy Birthday video.

And then Jason and I continued to succesffuly avoid all Black Friday shopping with some outdoor time, including a trip to the playground.

I picked up Tyler from his day at karate, to find him grinning ear to ear. Not only had they had a blast with dodgeball and a pizza party, but he had succesfully broken his first board!!

Having been gone all day, we hadn't noticed that Buddy the Elf, our very own Elf on a Shelf, had arrived from the north pole. Tyler was sooooo excited to find him, and Jason was a little confused. The boys got right to work reading the accompanying book.

Feeling in the spirit, we got started on our Christmas crafting.

Saturday started off with an early day trip to the library, followed by the playground. It was a surpringly warm day.

Back at home they got a chance to watch the Elf on a Shelf movie, which quickly skyrocketed into Jason's alltime movie selections. LOL.

We kicked off our holiday requirements early with some gingerbread house decorating at Bob's house. The boys had a blast making and decorating minature houses. We made some dinner and then snacked on smores and that old popcorn that pops up over the flame (don't remember what it's called).