Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April begins

On the first day of April we woke up to snow flurries. Tyler initially insisted it must be an April Fool's Day joke, but no such luck! April flowers in snow. Quite a sight!

On Saturday my mom had tickets to take Tyler and Billy to see The Wizard of Oz production by a local middle school. We weren't sure what to expect, but Ty loved it (even though he was scared in some parts). He was overjoyed to come home with his program and light up star wand (and one for his brother).

On April 3rd we went to the 2nd day of Johnson's Farm opening weekend. It was beautiful weather and they had admission to the discovery barnyard, hayrides, and hotdogs for free! We had plans to meet with various friends so we spent some time with the Ritters, McCrum's, Drueding's, and Everett's. We also ran into a few other friends as well. They all had a blast at the playground, mini go-kart's, free hotdogs, hayride, play area, feeding animals, meeting the bunny (which is the cuttest Easter bunny I've seen) and having ice cream. What a great day!

After returning from Johnson's farm I decided that enough was enough and Tyler WOULD learn to ride his bike without training wheels. Many "outsiders" might say that he's only 6 and can learn to ride later, but here in Medford Lakes it's basically a necessity to be able to ride a bike safely. We had tried a few times in the past without success and I pretty much knew it would come to the point where I'd have to force the issue (that's just how Tyler is, as he lets his anxiety get in the way of doing things he wants to do). Well summer camp is just around the corner and he really couldn't keep up last year being one of only a handful of kids with training wheels. Based on what I've seen on the bike rides to school I'm fairly certain he's the only first grader still using those darned training wheels. Anyway, so I talked up the issue and assured him that he'd be safe and somehow coerced him outside to give it a try. After he geared up (elbow pads, knee pads, helmet, and winter gloves...yes, winter gloves...he would have covered himself in bubble wrap if I had allowed it) we made it to the bike. We quickly learned that Tyler couldn't touch the ground on his current bike and after the training wheels were removed it made him quite uncomfortable. So we took out his old bike and removed the training wheels from that.

We made a tiny bit of progress practicing with me running and holding onto his bike while he peddled, but I was thankful when my parents came home and I could leave Jason with them for a bit so Tyler and I could go and practice at Wilson Field by ourselves. There were many pep talks, a few tears, a few temper tantrums, but by the end of our session he could "ride" for about 10 seconds (he required I count each time)once I got him started.

A short video of his bike riding skill.

Monday, after getting Ty off to school, Jason and I got back in routine with a trip to the gym (where Jason decided to start screaming again in there for no apparent reason...yea). After returning home Jason was begging to go outside, so we went for a bike ride. No lie, it took me 45 minutes to get around the block with him. And Medford Lakes does not have standard block sizes. This was a small area of space. I had forgotten how long it could take with a little boy who doesn't actually peddle, wants no help, and must stop to look at every rock, leaf, and bug. LOL.

That evening Tyler had his first baseball game with his team, the Blue Jays. My parents were able to join us and we all enjoyed the game and beautiful weather. Tyler actually played much better than I expected, meaning he actually hit the ball without needing a tee and he payed attention. I'll take it. Meanwhile Jason fully believed he played the game from the sidelines, equipt with his mini tee and foam ball and bat set. Too cute.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March 2011

Here we go again, almost 2 months behind on my blog. I should just give up. But I won't :)

We finally got a taste of some almost-spring weather. Jason enjoyed using his slide again!

Finally back at the playground again!

Finally caught up with Jim and Cara and the gang for dinner. It had been a while.

I decided to bring Jason to the doctor to inquire about his frequent complaints of tummy aches. Not sure if it's for attention or a legitimate complaint, but it's hard to tease out with him since he can't really communicate his complaints all that well. They did a stool sample, which didn't show any blood (which had been a concern because of some nasty diapers). They then sent him the next day for some blood work to test for Celiac disease as well as other things. Bloodwork went fairly smoothly. He enjoyed his stickers and lollipop I brought along. Results all came back fine except for his iron level. So we're on vitamin supplements and will recheck again later. Of course in the meantime his complaints have subsided.

We revisited using Skype for the boys to communicate with their dad. Nice in theory. Hopefully the novelty wears off because for now they mostly entertain themselves by making funny faces and watching their own image on screen instead of focusing on any type of conversation.

My mom underwent yet another surgery, this on on her shoulder. Seems to have gone well.

Jason discovered my hair. He's finally having some sort of mini "awakening" and is experiencing sensory experiences for the first time. My cutie pie!

Teddy continues to adapt nicely to our family. She was a good pet choice. Even Jason can now hold her!

We took advantage of some warm weather and went to the Cape May Zoo. Saw some cute spring baby animals. Jason delighted in feeding goats, shrieking in joy and signing "eat" to inform me that they took food from him. I also discovered that when Jason yells "beat ass" repeatedly, what he is trying to say is "big giraffe". Good to know!

Tyler had a blast at his best buddy Mackenzie's 7th birthday party. He survived the disappointment of not being a girl and therefore not being allowed to stay for the slumber party portion of the party.

Rediscoverd (at a Tiger Scouts meeting) that basketball is still not Tyler's thing.

Back to Jim and Cara's for a St Patty's day feast and then off to a Junior Women's meeting.

We celebrated the actual St. Patrick's day. The boys woke with a letter from the leprechaun with some chocolate "gold". We dined on green pancakes for breakfast, and sent Ty off to school with a shamrock sandwhich for lunch. Meanwhile Jason rocked his shamrock shot glass necklace, which all 2-year-olds should clearly own. The boys enjoyed purchased St. Patrick's day cupcakes before bed, while I enjoyed a green beer at a small party after bedtime for me

We had some beautiful weather which allowed me to discover that Jason is now highly disturbed by short sleeves, and spent a few times trying to pull them down to wrist length. We stayed after school for playtime and then one of Ty's friends dads came a did a little informal baseball practice with a few kids. Jeanne and I then enjoyed some Riviera pizza and slurpees at the picnic tables before finally bringing our kids home for baths and bed! Gorgeous day to say hello to spring!

Tyler's new team, the Blue Jays, had their first baseball practice of the season.

Tyler attended a pirate-themed party for his friend Eamon. The boys later enjoyed a short visit with their Uncle Chris.

The day continued with early Easter crafts for both boys (and the pictures they insisted on having me take of them with their masterpieces)

My mom treated me to my first pedicure in 6-8 years. Yes, you read that correctly. We later enjoyed some playground time and Jason conquered a bigger slide!

Due to plans that fell through my mom bribed Ty with a Chuck-e-Cheese trip. Total madness at that place. We survived though.

Jason tried to learn Candyland. He's starting to get the hang of it.

I finally got brave enough to attempt bringing Jason to a storytime at the library again. And he actually enjoyed himself AND participated! Go Jason!

Tyler finally lost his first tooth on March 23rd. He was lucky enough to have it fall out while eating a plum at school so he got to bring it home in a cute little tooth-shaped plastic box from the school nurse. He was so excited. The tooth fairy left him a dollar and a bakugan thingy.

I continued to endulge in my occasional chick-fil-a addiction. Discovered the coolest "dip and squeeze" ketchup packets. A big hit with the boys as well.

Jason found bunny ears in the dollar spot in Target and spent the rest of the trip hopping throughout the store. He's the coolest.

I found this cute sign outside of Tyler's door when i went to bed at night. He's the coolest too.

And Ty wrote this note to his brother before school in the morning. And speaking of Jason, he turned 2.5 years. I walked away after taking the picture of him at his easel and returned 1-2 minutes later to find the entire easel covered in marker!

We had a very cold Spring Sports Opening Day. It starts at the beach where they get their uniform shirts and they parade to the field before being announced and running the bases. We purchased some hotdogs and chips while Ty enjoyed the bouncy house and balloon animals and playground. Meanwhile I bribed jason with M&M's as he was quite miserable (especially after falling on the asphalt). He spent probably 15 minutes later that day trying to communicate that he ended up finding an M&M in his overalls in his crib while he was napping and had eaten that. Hard to express that without talking much!

We attended a park clean up to raise money for Junior Women's.

Ty earned some sort of Tiger Scout award at a pack meeting.

I enjoyed some quality time with my little man at the Discovery Museum.

On the 29th we had our first step in the process of having Jason evaluated for the "preschool disabled" class at the school for next year. He will "age out" of early intervention the day he turns three, so in order for him to continue to get therapies (speech and occupational therapy) he will need to qualify for school-based therapy and therefore go to their preschool. So on that day his Early Intervention case manager joined us at our house with a therapist from the school for his "intake" meeting. They basically just ask some standard questions and get the process rolling. It's mostly a formality I believe since they obviously know he requires some testing since he has been in early intervention for so long (as opposed to a parent who might just call up and request an evaluation without a history of being "in the system"). Hard to believe my baby could go to preschool in the fall!