Saturday, May 12, 2012

Easter weekend, 2012

Saturday of Easter break was a busy one! It started off with a 9:00 am Easter Egg hunt in our town. Kids got quite a few eggs and were very pleased with themselves.
Then it was immediately off to Breakfast with the Easter Bunny in town. Cute event all in all, although I'm not sure I'd go again. My kids barely ate, we had to leave and come back later for our pictures because the bunny was on "break" without warning, which we then never received (luckily I took a crappy one with my cell phone). But I know it was organized with the best of intentions and they did have some cute stuff.
We were done just in time to meet up with my mother-in-law, john, my sister-in-law, and her two cuties for the Medford Easter Egg hunt. Unfortunatley it was pretty crowded, so poor Jason didnt' get a single egg. Luckily I saw this happening so obviously, so I quick stole an egg that kids had overlooked and later "hid" it for Jason to find. He was happy with his one egg, and then his cousin gave him as well. Tyler did decently, but they all had fun and that's all that matters.
Then it was home for the official Easter egg dying. We chose blow pen easter eggs out of my mom's vast selection. Easy, not messy, and kids loved it!
Then it was off to do some Easter flower shopping for family at produce junciton before joining friend at Chick-fil-a for "Dinner with the Easter Cow". Boys had a blast!
Our night ended with an Easter egg hunt at Al's mom and step-dad's house, complete with an actual Easter Bunny! The boys also got their Easter baskets from their grandparents. They were quite excited!
The Easter Bunny arrived!
The boys woke up, bright and early and ready to tackle their Easter baskets. They were not disappointed!
This doesn't even cover the large easter baskets that mom-mom and pop-pop had for them. Mostly candy-free but full of good goodies like Mickey Mouse shirts. After Easter basket fun, the boys and I, as well as my dad and Chris, made our way to church.
Then it was off to Jim & Cara's for Easter brunch.
After brunch at Jim and Cara's we made made our way back home for some outdoor time.
Followed of couse by some crafting.
And then then Jim & Cara joined us for Easter dinner.
All in all, a nice Easter. And was very thankful to have finally weaned off my steroids. Good day!