Friday, October 29, 2010

New Addition

Over a week ago my dad called my mom, asking if we wanted a dog. To explain to those that don't know, my parents had a dog, Brandi (a golden retriever) for 10 years. She passed away a few years ago and they said they weren't going to get another dog. That being said, my mom always said the only way she'd consider a dog is if someone were giving away a golden. Well, my dad sent a picture of this puppy, and of course who can say no to a cute puppy? She's not a full golden, but half golden and half Brittany spaniel. The golden retriever mommy had become pregnant by the neighbor's dog and they ended up with 7 unexpected puppies. All but two had been adopted (one they planned on keeping). So at this point my mom spoke to me and we both said yes. Unfortunately my dad came home saying that they probably had already found a family. He was assured that they would contact him if that "adoption" fell through.

Sunday morning my dad got a call, and long story short, the dog (which they named Bella) was available. We had already decided we wanted her, so we tried to ready the house, but decided we weren't telling the boys.

That day at noon Ty had a Tiger Scout meeting. They had fun making scrapbooks and playing kickball. Meanwhile Jason collected acorns.

When we got home, while Jason napped, my parents snuck out to go meet Bella. They obviously met the family she had been living with, as well as both of the dog's parents (the mom and the dad who lived next door). They said the parents were sweet dogs with good temperaments. I think they both felt guilty taking her from her mommy and brother. She cried on the way home.

So, here's Bella. Isn't she cute? Only 12 weeks old.

We called Ty outside, telling him we had a surprise for the family. I think he was surprised for sure, and I'm not totally convinced that he realized we meant that we were keeping her.

I woke Jason up for him to meet Bella. He was totally in love from the start.

He was insistent on giving her kisses. Too cute.

Bella finally made it in to her new home.

We spent that evening getting to know the new pup. Within less than an hour Jason had his first ever 2-word phrase, imitating us saying "goo gir" (good girl). And then he must have heard me say something to Tyler about her just being a "baby" and he immediately starting calling her "baybeee". So Bella is totally a therapy dog. Miss Cathy (his speech therapist) will be so happy. As for Tyler, he's a little more anxious around her. He likes her, but he's afraid. We're working on it.

After some playtime Jason insisted on reading to his "baybeee". He kept persisting, but Bella wasn't all that interested. Adorable nonetheless.

After the boys bedtime she had a little naptime with my dad.

I took that time to run out and get some necessities at Target, including Bella's Halloween costume (she'll be a butterfly) and some more new toys for her.

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 17-23

October 17: Early Sunday I was reminded how odd my boys are. Why would this be fun?

At 11:15 we had Olivia's party (an old Kindergarten friend of Tyler's) at Indian Acres Farm. Tyler got to play on the playground, do the bouncy pumpkin, and go on a hayride and pumpkin picking. Meanwhile Jason and I stayed back and played, looked at pumpkins, danced to music, and ate hot dogs and apple cider donuts. Once Ty got back from pumpkin picking they ate and decorated pumpkins and even had face painting. What a party!

I quick brought Jason home for a nap and then we went to WaWa for a popcorn sale. Not worth our time, money-wise, but it was a good experience for Tyler.

After we got home from popcorn sales, and Jason woke up from his nap, we hit the road for some door-to-door popcorn sales. Ty did pretty well and I must wonder who could say no to his cute little face in uniform?!?!

October 18: Early in the day, after school drop-off, we met some friends at Bob Meyer park for a playdate. Jason had a ball and was nice and tired for his nap when we got home.

After school we hit the playground again (the one at school). It was a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, as the day went on, I started to feel sick. Pretty crappy. And what I thought had been a runny nose from being out in the wind, turned into a cold-like runny nose for Jason. I felt nauseous with a sore throat so I decided to call and cancel Jason's therapies for that next day. I had planned on going to the gym that night and letting Tyler take a kids fit class, but instead we had a more relaxed evening of karate. Since I didn't want to cook we went to McDonald's for a quick dinner. The boys loved the cute little Mr. Potato Head buckets with stickers that they got as their happy meal toy.

October 19: I was definitely glad we cancelled therapy because I felt like crap. With the exception of taking Ty to/from school, I never left the house. Jason never left at all. I'm not sure that's ever happened before.

October 20: I finally manged to get my car inspection for my insurance. Since we were out that way we stopped by Bob Meyer park again, but unfortunately it was too wet and we really didn't play. I do think I saw a bald eagle on top of the sports field lighting. Couldn't tell for sure, but I thought that was pretty cool. I've never seen one in the wild. I have to say I was beyond excited that soccer practice was cancelled for the evening. Really, really, excited.

October 21: So Jason perfected his use of "ess" (yes) and "no". As one would imagine, he's quite proficient at using no. If I hadn't waited so long to hear him talk then I'd find it much more annoying. He's lucky he's cute. LOL. That morning we went to Evesham Libary to meet up with Beth for storytime at the library (Olivia's first time). I have never seen the parking lot so crowded, and after probably 10 minutes of circling the lot I ended up parking way across the street at the sports complex. Good times. Jason had fun, especially making his felt pumpkin.

We had a quick lunch at CFA before I came home for Jason's naptime. I left him napping with my mom at home and picked up Ty at his school early so he could go to his counselor appointment. Oddly I picked him up to take him there (to learn to cope with this bullying issue) just after the other boy involved in this on-going saga checked out for other reasons. I won't go into details, but I'm glad the target of his bullying wasn't MY child this time.

After we all got home myself, the boys, and my parents had a quick dinner at Subway before heading over to the big roadside pumpkin stand to get our carving pumpkins. As you can see, Jason still totally prefers the little baby pumpkins. Maybe cause he can lift them...or throw them.

October 22: Friday during the day was fairly uneventful. That evening Ty had karate and then my dad stayed with the boys after bedtime so I could go to Beth's for a girls night. She had planned on a larger gathering and a possible "game night" but a lot of people had to back out so it ended up just being the 2 of us. More chips and dip and wine for us!

October 23: Saturday was Tyler's final normal soccer game of the season. Last time I'll be on that stinkin' field at 9:00am. As you might have guessed, I'm pretty happy about this. I hope that doesn't make me a crappy mom. I wouldn't have minded if HE liked it, but he didn't, so soccer season was torture. I'm 100% certain that Jason played more soccer that morning than Ty did.

We went right from there to the Evesham Library (again) for Tyler's "apron strings" cooking class. This is right up his alley (unlike soccer). They made a pumpkin milkshake, which was quite good. Jason and I hung out in the library while Ty "cooked" and then Jason mooched some milkshake from his brother. Apparently he liked it too.

That afternoon, when my mom returned from her overnight stay in Atlantic City with a friend, we decided (sort of last minute) to go to Great Adventure. It was sunny and beautiful and they were having a promotion where you'd get a free season parking pass for next year if you activated next year's tickets now. Since we were already planning on tickets for next year we decided to cash in on the $40 free parking pass. We hit up the trick-or-treat trail (better stocked with candy this time) as well as some rides and a really cheesy Wiggles Halloween-themed show. But the boys had fun and it was a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying the fall.