Sunday, April 25, 2010

feeling like spring

On Monday, after school and speech therapy, I walked the boys down to the bookmobile. I didn't even remember that it still existed, but it does. For those that don't know of it, it's a small library housed in a bus, which travels from town to town. It's actually quite nice and Tyler found it fascinating to be able to ride his bike to the mobile library and get books out of a bus. He wants to go every Monday. LOL.

Wednesday I took this photo and put it on Facebook as a plea to get suggestions on what to do with my hair. I tried so hard to get back to my natural hair color, but now I'm bored. But when I color it I spend a lot of money and never have the time to maintain it. Such a debate. For the record my facebook "team", for the most part, feels I should get highlights and get it cut somewhere below my shoulders.

That night I got a couple of hours out at the Junior Women's meeting. A nice time.

Thursday was Earth Day. After school was playground time, as usual. Jason, who has refused all sandwiches, decided to eat almost half of a PB&Jelly on wheat that my friend gave him. Little stinker. He proudly displayed his "green" shirt that day too.

After about 2 hours on the playground we came home and then joined my brother at my grandparents house. My grandparents were due to arrive from their winter in Florida, so we went to help out my brother with some weeding. Even Jason got into the action, tossing pine cones and sticks into the tarp. Tyler also delivered a cute little "welcome home" sign that he had created.

That night I put the boys to bed and got in some shopping time at Walmart and Kohl's.

On Friday I had a busy, busy, busy day. I started off with walking Tyler to school. Came home and ate quickly, and then head off for my jog/walk (jogging being less prominent than the walking) with Jason in the jogging stroller. As I finished up and was nearing my house, I ran into a friend/Tyler's-classmates-mom who invited me to her house for an impromptu coffee play date with some other moms. Sweaty and dirty, I reluctantly joined them. I was happy I did as Jason had a great time and I enjoyed talking with other adults! We were there until I had to rush home to get Jason down for a quick nap so I could shower as well before picking up Tyler at school. Luckily my mom came home and was able to stay with Jason in time for me to walk back to school and get Tyler. I stayed with him on the playground and my mom brought Jason to me once he woke up. After almost 2 hours on the playground we walked home and got immediately in the car to go visit my grandparents who had just arrived. Tyler was sooooo excited to see them, and Jason warmed up quickly. We learned that we'll get to plant a garden in their backyard this year, which is very exciting. And Jason very much enjoyed the Florida oranges they brought home from their tree.

I left the boys there so I could quickly fit in a haircut. I still hadn't decided on color, so since I didn't have time anyway, I just got a cut. I met everyone back at my grandparents and then we came back home for a quick dinner before I took them out again for Ty's t-ball practice.

I had to rush home and literally had probably 25 minutes to get Jason to bed and get myself ready to head out. I met Jen in Medford and then she drove us to the speed line so we could go into the city. My friend Tracy was in from Chicago and Kristen was in from Florida, so we had a little high school gathering at Ladder 15. I believe we had 15 people, and it was a nice time. I was sooooo happy to be out with friends. It's a rare treat!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

trying to catch up

So last weekend is already a distant memory. Thankfully, with the help of pictures, Sunday has come back to me. Saturday is completely gone, with the exception of one thing...I told Tyler that we'd be going to the outlets on Sunday. He asked why and I told him we needed to do a little shopping, including getting another pair of shoes for Jason and a dressier pair of shoes for him. He asked why he couldn't wear his sneakers all the time, and I replied that we needed some nicer shoes for church and stuff like that. He replies "Why? Do they have a picture of God on them or something?". LOL.

Saturday morning I took this iPhone photo of the boys. Jason has decided he needs to sit on Tyler's lap quite often, which is too cute. Even more adorable, we determined that he tries to call Tyler by name. Not consistently, but quite often he goes around yelling "eye-ya" for "Tyler".

So Sunday we did go to the outlets with my mom. I got some cute stuff to put away for our Disney vacation (yes, we booked a Disney vacation for August!!) at the Disney outlet. Unfortunately, the main goal of the trip (the Stride rite outlet) was a bust. I couldn't find anything that Ty and I agreed on for his "God shoes" and then Jason was screaming bloody murder so we left empty-handed.

From there it was off to Great Adventure. We did a few rides and a really cute dolphin show (complete with adorable little seals that Jason kept waving to) before meeting up with my brother, Cara, and her 3 kids. We saw the lions, got snacks, tried to go on some rides (only to find them closed), and then we split up a bit so the older kids could go on a roller coaster while the little ones played in the play area and did some little rides. All in all, a nice day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hello routine!

On Monday I was thrilled to get Tyler back to school and Jason and I back to our routines that we weren't getting to take part in (exercise for me, regular naps for Jason in peace). After taking Ty to school Jason and I went out to do a little art walk with sidewalk chalk for the first time. Jason loved it!

Eventually, as always, he made his way across the street to look for the dogs behind the fence. He came across a dandelion, so then he had pollen (or some yellow substance) all mixed in with his snotty runny nose. Fun stuff.

That afternoon we had cancelled speech in advance so Jason could go to his audiology appointment. He thankfully was VERY cooperative, sitting on my lap as they piped the audiologist's voice and various tones into the room. He was apparently appropriately responsive to the voices and they could confirm that he can hear voices at least in one ear (perhaps the other ear isn't important??). However he was unresponsive to tones. They said at this age it isn't uncommon as they don't really know whether he heard the tones and chose to ignore them, or just didn't hear them at all. Apparently the only way to know for sure is to put him under sedation and then to watch his brain waves in response to the different tones. So at this point the audiologist said she thinks the pediatrician and speech therapist should be the ones to decide whether or not this further testing would be warranted.

Tuesday my mom took Ty to school so I could bring Jason for his cardiology appointment at the CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) Specialty Care Center. It's a really nice facility with wonderful staff...except for one. The first thing we had to do was weight/height and then an EKG. This poor nurse (I'm assuming that's what she was) I'm sure meant well, but she needs some training if she's gonna continue working at a CHILDREN'S hospital. In her defense Jason was NOT cooperative, but she should probably be aware that telling an 18-month-old that "you need to stop crying or you can't go back to your mom" isn't gonna help. She was visibly frustrated with him and NOT nice. I was almost in tears as I tried to hold him down as he screamed his head off. And she wasn't happy with me that he doesn't take pacifiers or anything else to calm him down and keep him in place. Luckily the actual cardiologist we saw was great with him, and she said based on her examination and the results of the EKG that they thought it was just a heart murmur. However, due to his "developmental delays" and the history of my heart condition, they decided to do an ultrasound. After all the screaming that he had done earlier thankfully he was worn out because he laid in my lap watching Elmo for probably 40 minutes while a very nice technician did the ultrasound. I guess I should be thankful he tired himself out so much earlier because if he had not cooperated during the ultrasound I was told it could have taken great than 1.5hours. So I guess it all worked out in the end. And, best of all, ultrasound revealed that it's just an "innocent heart murmur".

That night I had assumed that t-ball would be cancelled because it was raining, but we got no e-mail to confirm this. So we reluctantly got ready and head out and found out that in fact the game was on. A nasty yucky cold t-ball game.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. Lots of outdoor time with a VERY cranky little boy. Even got in some t-ball practice with Tyler at the lake (where it's less likely for Jason to get hit with a bat or a ball).

That day I gave Jason his first time-out. I realize that some 18-month-olds might understand this concept (Tyler was one of them) but Jason would all. But he kept throwing things at Tyler and despite me telling/signing "no" and distracting him, he just wouldn't stop. So for Tyler's benefit I put Jason in time-out. Not sure if I should worry that Tyler seemed very excited that Jason was in time-out. Jason just stood in the hallway and screamed, likely just because I removed him from the situation he was enjoying. He stood still for about 2 seconds. I put him there again and eventually I "explained" his time-out to him. LOL. He didn't throw again for a few minutes, so I guess the distraction worked. And at least Tyler didn't feel like I was putting Jason first. Too funny.

Thursday was uneventful. Jason was STILL really cranky. I had my annual exam at the gynecologist (fun stuff) so my dad came home early to watch them (I had already cancelled this appointment twice). I was home just in time for Tyler's "spring has sprung" club at school, but my dad walked him there while Jason and I did some construction.

Later that night was yet another t-ball game. This time with perfect weather! And Tyler didn't need the tee once!

Friday we were supposed to get rain, so we did a library run, then produce junction, and then chick-fil-a. Jason decided that he can again do the play area climbing. Still won't slide, but it's a step forward again. Then the boys shared an ice cream. WITHOUT yelling and arguing. How did I get so lucky?

I am happy to report that I saw Jason making lots of attempts to "talk" and communicate. Not sure if I mentioned it, but he is definitely saying "nana" for "banana". He is babbling a ton more, even making a "g" sound a few time. He has been trying to sing with CDs and has been making noises more often. Too cute!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

last weekend of spring break

I'd like to think that we did something impressive on our last Saturday of spring break. I know it was pretty nice weather, but a bit chilly. I remember trying to go to some garage sales, but there was nothing decent. On the way home my mom and I stopped to take the boys to Dunkin' Donuts. Jason had his first donut (actually munchkins with sprinkles). He ate the entire outside with icing and sprinkles and then chucked the doughy center back at me and signed for "more".

Then I think we ran to the library??? and then to produce junction??? and walmart. I nearly spent $12 on this stupid stuffed Mickey because he actually seemed like he liked it (he still doesn't have a blankie or other "comfort" item he has attached to...unless you count me). Then he threw it, so Mickey did NOT come home with us.

On Sunday Jen had told us about this opening day at Johnson's farm. I love Johnson's farm but ever since they remodeled and "upgraded" I don't like the prices and the commercial feel to it. We pretty much avoid it now. Well, I couldn't pass up this even with free hay/tractor rides, free entrance to the "discovery barnyard" and free hotdogs! We met up with Mandy and her boys immediately, but our boys took off in opposite directions. Tyler was busy ON the playground, while Jason was busy AROUND the play apparatus.

Then Ty discovered the little go-carts, which were a big hit!

Then my camera died. Had to resort to the camera feature on my phone as the boys made their way back to the playground. Tyler LOVED the impressive playground. Jason was happy sitting and watching, and then wandering.

Then we went to look at the animals.

And then we spent some time in the "discovery barnyard", featuring a mini veterinarian's office for the kids to play in.

Jason rode a tractor.

And then the boys had fun in the cute little play grocery store/produce stand...until I literally had to carry Jason out of there kicking and screaming because he wouldn't' stop throwing produce at other people. Seriously. LOL.

Back to the playground. I can't believe Jason actually rode with Tyler. Tyler was so excited that Jason rode with him and then finally (after nearly 19 months) it occurred to him that maybe he could pick up Jason himself. Yep, he can.

Later we got word that Jen had arrived, so we all met up to go on our free hay/tractor rides. Luckily Jason was good, and Tyler enjoyed the ride with Abby and Lilly. We got to see all the crops in progress and some pretty sights. And thanks to Jen, I have some pictures (hers are the good ones, NOT my camera pictures).

After our tractor ride we enjoyed our FREE hotdogs and I bought us some apple cider donuts, which Jason gobbled up. Apparently these were quite good.

After saying goodbye to Mandy and her boys, we head back into the play areas with Jen and her girls.

After packing up at Johnson's farm, we came home quickly with the plan to put Jason down for his nap and leave him with my mom while I dropped Ty off at a party. We found my Aunt Maureen there talking with my mom, with Easter baskets for the boys. There was no way Jason was going to nap then, and instead he signed to "eat" a small marshmallow chocolate bunny. LOL. He ate the whole thing! Little stinker!

I packed up Jason and brought Ty to his party. The party was for his best friend Mackenzie. It was her 6th birthday, at her house with a dolphin theme. I would have gladly stayed and helped, but as soon as Ty had seen "drop off party" on the invite, he was bragging for weeks that he was staying there WITHOUT mommy. So I enjoyed 2.5 hours (some spent with Jason napping) before picking him up. We ended up staying after the party for some left-over pizza and watched Mackenzie open her presents. I also got to watch a video of my little boy's first dance. Apparently Mackenzie had an ultimate dream of dancing to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" with Tyler at her party. I am SHOCKED that he agreed to this in front of all of his classmates (and proud of him too) but apparently it ended abruptly when Tyler freaked out at the request to twirl Mackenzie. In reality he didn't know how and got embarrassed. Poor baby. But sooooo cute! For the record, I showed him how to twirl while we were there after the party, so he did twirl Mackenzie later. Hopefully that made up for some of the disappointment on her part. Thanks to Beth and her family for the adorable pictures!