Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the start of the season

Saturday was opening day at Great Adventure. My parents had gotten all of us season passes for Christmas, and we had intended on going on opening day, but our Saturday had been so busy so we decided to go on Sunday. We first hit the nearby outlets, where I was finally able to get Jason a pair of sneakers. So sad that the boy went until 18 months in a shoeless state!

From there it was on to the park. Of course the weathermen failed us again and instead of the 10% of a late shower, we got noon-time rain. What the heck? We waited in the car for a bit, hoping to wait it out, but it showed no signs of stopping, but thankfully wasn't too heavy. So we decided to at least go in an process our passes. Since we were there we let Tyler do a few rides. Jason spent his time NOT in the stroller, but instead out walking, and of course stomping in puddles in his brand new shoes. It would have been pointless for me to try to stop him as it is apparently hard-wired for boys to be drawn to puddles.

My parents happened to be sitting in a pavilion where they were about to perform a "show" so we decided to check it out. It was the looney tunes characters in a "sing off". Apparently Tyler found this to be absolutely hysterical, and Jason was amused by well. For the record, my dad fell asleep. LOL.

We even got to meet the "cast". Tyler loved it, Jason not so much...although he did later give tweety bird a hi-five.

As you can see, Jason loved his first carousel ride. LOL.

And Tyler enjoyed some more rides by himself. Apparently that is quite fun to branch out without mommy now that he's FINALLY 42 inches and can ride things without me.

After maybe 5 rides it had gotten too cold and rainy so we decided to head out and go to the safari instead. Ty loves the safari because he gets to exit the carseat for once and sit in the front seat of the vehicle. He reads all the signs and searches for the animals. Jason loved it too. He was sooo busy staring at animals and trying to get our attention in case we had not seen the animals. He did the most "talking" I had ever heard. Soo cute.

opening day

Saturday was spring sports "opening day". All of the kids met at the beach where they distributed the team shirts. I was able to take some photos because Jason was home napping with my dad. If I do say so myself, Tyler looks adorable in his little Braves uniform (although I would have preferred of course that he'd be a Phillies!).

Then all the kids took turns assaulting a defenseless duck. I really started to think the duck needed a bodyguard. I had to wonder about the parents who looked on as their kids yanked a ducks tail, etc. I had to laugh to myself as I had a real conversation that went something like "Tyler, I don't care what the other kids are doing, but you don't touch a duck unless you are giving it a hi-five". Anyway, I was looking over this pictures and had to wonder why in the world they had a mascot with a "fuckshot" jersey. To be honest, I had to look over the rest of the pictures to determine that it does in fact say "buckshot". Not sure that makes any more sense. LOL.

From there they paraded up the street in grand fashion. I managed to see him off and then run up to our house (1 street parallel to the parade route) and trade places with my dad. My dad got to go view the parade pass by, which Tyler found to be spectacular, while I woke Jason up and got him ready to catch up to the group.

The parade ended up at the school field where the teams all gathered back together. Each team was called and got a chance to run the bases while they announced each team member's name. For the record, Tyler thought it was very funny that they pronounced his last name incorrectly.

After the ceremony it was time for the festivities. Tyler was very busy playing with his friends with the various activities (moon bounce, inflatable slide, face painting, and balloon animals) while I followed a wandering Jason.

After we got home Tyler had to try on the full gear and practice. My dad actually later took him back out and he does do a little better with the correct motivation and instruction. Apparently me attempting to pitch to him and consequently hitting him in the face with the ball is not helpful.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

the hunt is on

Yesterday was our town's annual Easter Egg hunt. It was a sunny and bright, but COLD day, at about 35 degrees. It had rained quite a bit recently, so not only was it cold, but WET. We were there though, with a hop in our steps (I crack myself up!).

This was to be Jason's first Easter egg hunt. I wasn't sure if he'd care at all, but boy was I wrong. In fact he threw a royal fit when I wouldn't allow him to go and pick up eggs prior to the egg hunt beginning.

Finally the hunt was on, and he took off for the eggs as if he had some idea of what he was doing! He picked up one and by then all the kids had taken the ones around him, so I had to transport him to the other side of the pavement so he could get some more eggs before they were all taken up. I think he ended up with about 5-8 eggs and was quite pleased with himself!

After Jason's hunt, it was time for Tyler to head off for his hunt with his age group. Tyler, waiting with his classmates Luke and Blaise.

The hunt is on. It was an absolute blur of activity, lasting all of maybe 45 seconds. LOL.

Post hunt, Tyler with his friend Mackenzie, showing off their baskets of eggs.

Checking out their goodies.

Family pic!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Picture time!

After school on Friday I had an appointment to get the boys pictures taken. It had been a while since I had either of their pictures taken, and I feel guilty over my lack of keeping up with professional pictures of Jason. Poor second child. Jason did NOT feel like participating, but somehow she captured a few of him during some happy moments...pretty much only when he was throwing himself on the floor repeatedly while laughing. And Tyler had WAAYYYY too much energy. Anyway, we got a few good ones.

While perusing the mall we encountered the bunny. I had thought previously about bunny pictures and decided against it, but Tyler asked and it seemed kinda wrong to say no. Plus Jason was busy screeching in delight, so I thought maybe I'd have luck. I was wrong. There was one picture that showed Jason just sitting with seemingly just a pouty face, but I preferred to buy the picture of him screaming. Seemed a more accurate memory. LOL.

Afterwards we ate some dinner at Tyler's choice, Subway. We enjoyed our meal by the fountain. Jason ate a banana, which Tyler swears he calls a "na na". I'm leaning towards agreeing with him.

We hit a few more stores, completed a survey about OJ for $12 (who knew you could do that?) and of course got our pretzels and were on our way. Home just in time for a short sing-along songs video and then bed. Just the way I like it!