Friday, July 30, 2010

week of July 19-23

Monday was uneventful. Picked up Tyler and Mackenzie when camp closed early. They had a little playdate here before her dad came to get her. Spent the rest of the day feeling sick, not sure if it were allergies or what. That evening I tried out a little coconut milk "ice cream" in the ice cream maker...he still doesn't do well with dairy at all, but like most kids, he wants ice cream. I think he was pleased with the concoction, although it was not the best to me so I'll have to tweak that recipe a bit if I try it again.

Tuesday morning Jason had a make-up speech session. It was so nice having his therapy without trying to keep Tyler from interrupting. She worked with him with eggs, trying to get him to accept new textures and hopefully eventually TRYING the eggs (which he's refused for the last 6 months or so after having had scrambled egg yolks a couple of times). He did well, and even put it in his mouth. I also realized that Jason had been "daytime weaned" for 11 days, and had napped the last 4 days. Woohoo! That afternoon after camp I got Tyler to eat an egg white which enticed Jason to try it (not eating more than a bit though). That evening I put Jason in the bike trailer and Ty and I rode up to Nokomis school. When we got there realized Jason's legs had at least 20 welts/bites on them. Not sure if it were an egg white reaction or if he got attacked by a bug. Great. But the good news it that not only has he been really brave on slides, but that day he insisted on doing the big steep slide. Not a care in the world at all. Who is this child and where did he come from?

Wednesday I got a call from camp that Tyler had a sore throat. Now Tyler had been complaining of a sore throat off and on, but only at bedtime. Whenever I asked him during the day he'd say he was fine, so I figured maybe it was mild allergies or just a bedtime stall tactic. That morning he had complained but I knew he was nervous about swimming lessons, so I gave him some benedryl and sent him on his way. So when I got the call I picked him up from camp and made the pediatrician appointment. Of course by 10:30 Tyler was requesting to go back to camp. I ended up cancelling Jason's occupational therapy session and brought Ty to the ped. They said it was probably allergies with minor irritation of his throat. No fever so free to go back to camp the next day.

That night my mom wanted to give me a little break, so she asked "who wants to go to the beach?". Tyler immediately announced "meeee", and there was Jason who literally did a little hop/jump while yelling "eeeeee". Too cute. So with Jason on her lap they head on down to the lake via her scooter. Of course they had no intention of going in the water, but instead playing on the playground equipment, so of course both boys wanted in the water in their clothes. At that point I met them down there and myself and the boys went for a nice little evening swim.

Thursday was "Halloween in July" day at camp. Being that it was in the high 90s, wI didn't agree to let Tyler wear his plush Mickey costume (again) as requested. The weather was quite limiting on our options. Luckily my mom spotted Ty's old preschool graduation uniform in his closet and thought to have him wear that. If I do say so myself, he looked adorable!

That morning my mom had an appointment with the knee surgeon. I (and Jason in tow) went along with her to be a second set of ears and hopefully ask some pertinent questions. It was a productive appointment, and she will have her surgery in early September. Praying for her that this will be the answer to her pain that she's been dealing with for far too long.

I had found out the day prior that my brother Jim and & Cara had gotten engaged, I think, on Tuesday. So my mom and I stopped to buy them flowers and a card and went to deliver that to them.

That afternoon my brother Chris came to visit. The last 2 years we have gone blueberry picking on a farm that belongs to a friend of his, but this year the season was early, short, and not as productive as in the past. So his friends farm didn't have any leftover blueberries for us to pick, so we decided to head on over to Conte's. Jason and Tyler loved the little wagon ride, and had a great time picking. Tyler picked and ate, picked and ate, picked and ate. Jason, bless his little heart, picked one blueberry at a time and then walked them individually to the bucket. He did this for the majority of the time, ignoring our prompting to actually try a berry. Chris on the other hand did more eating than picking. Apparently he was there for moral support. If it weren't for my mom and I we would have come home empty-handed. And Jason, at the very end, tried a berry. He then decided he liked it and ate blueberries off the bush for the next few minutes until our wagon ride returned.

That evening Jim & Cara wanted to see Chris, so instead of coming here we ended up going over there for an impromptu BBQ. It was nice hanging out on their deck/balcony with a beautiful view. A nice relaxing evening. And my mom brought a cake to celebrate their engagement, which then turned into a cake for my mother's belated birthday (we had already given her our presents).

When we got home I made a delicious blueberry ice cream. Unless you ask Tyler, who didn't like it.

Friday, while Ty was in camp, Jason and I set off to shop for the 4 (yes, FOUR) birthday parties we had scheduled in the next EIGHT days. Yikes! That afternoon my mom watched the boys so I could get a quick haircut. And then my parents and myself and the boys went back out shopping (this time to BJs) to get some stuff as well as a 2nd mattress for Tyler's trundle bed for an upcoming visit from my cousins. That evening, after the boys were in bed, I went BACK out shopping myself (cause I'm crazy) for the rest of the presents and some other stuff I forgot I needed. It was still ungodly hot when I returned at 11:30 at night. The weather has been killer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

weekend July 17-18

On Saturday we did a little grocery shopping and Jason spotted a praying mantis. He kept screeching, but I had no idea why, until I put him down and he went right over to this thing. He was quite fascinated, until an employee brought it out of the store.

That afternoon Jason napped for the first time in 11 days. Yippee. And still daytime nurse-free!!!

That afternoon my Uncle Glenn, Michelle, and their 3 kids came to visit from NY. We all went to my grandparents to meet up with them and have a little pizza. Later the older girls went to canoe at my brothers and my mom took Tyler and David to play on the playground there.

I was supposed to be going to a "summer social" with the junior woman's that night, but unfortunately I was feeling really crappy. Instead I stayed home and went to bed EARLY!

On Sunday we were back at my brother's house for a BBQ. Cara's mom was here visiting and my grandparents came over as well (as well as one of Gavin's friends). Tyler finally got brave enough that they were able to take Brady (their HUGE golden retriever) out of his barricade..truth be told, we forced Tyler to deal with it...and they became close friends. Jason spent most of his time following Vinny (the cat), the other dog Simon, and Brady around the house. We had some yummy food, and got to spend some time with my grandfather before his upcoming surgery.

After the BBQ we (me and my kids, Jim and Cara and Aiden) came back to our house and walked up to Nokomis school for the 2nd of the summer movie series. They had hotdogs and popcorn, ice pops (Jason's first), and McDonald's orange drink. They had a contest for making crazy hats (which Tyler won a pack of silly bands for), face painting (Jason insisted on having his hand painted just like his brothers), and music. Pretty nice time. The movie was "Yours, Mine, and Ours", which wasn't really necessarily appropriate for Tyler but he seemed to be enjoying it. It all went horribly wrong though when Tyler (likely fueled by red dye) got really angry when I wouldn't let him have another ice pop and threw (yes, I said threw) his drink at me. We made an immediate exit, which he was none too pleased about. I think he learned a lesson that night for sure!

Jason's day

It's funny cause I spent 4 years of Tyler's life doing stuff with just him...library trips, Disney, the zoo, blueberry picking, etc. I suppose it happens to some extent with all second (and consequent children) but I feel like Jason never gets his own time. Sure we spend time without Tyler while he's at school/camp, but I feel like it somehow gets filled with cleaning and errands, etc. I've been trying to make a conscious effort to do a lot more with just him...just as I did with Tyler when he was little. So that Friday my mom and I took advantage of the new pass she purchased and we brough just Jason to The Garden State Discovery Museum. He had a great time playing on the equipment, looking in the tanks, playing with the huge light bright, etc. He even made a craft, his own kazoo, which he loved (and then promptly destroyed on the way home). He took care of a baby in the pediatrician's office, created and served food in the diner, and lets not forget how much fun he had riding to each new station on my mom's scooter with her (beeping the horn the whole way).