Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2010 comes to an end

On the 29th we head to Atlantic City for some yummy dinner at Virginia City (in Bally's).

On the 30th we had tickets to see Disney on Ice (Christmas presents for myself and the boys from my parents), and the theme was Toy Story 3. Tyler had seen the first Toy Story once, a couple years ago, but Jason had never seen it and neither boy had seen Toy Story 2 or 3. So as the good parent that I am, we watched way too much TV on the couple days leading up the to the show catching up on Toy Story specifically. And luckily Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike had gotten the boys some Toy Story gear for their birthdays and Christmas, so Jason quickly attached himself to that stuff. He has a particular fascination for "dee" (Woody).

We arrived at the show, a little leery about how Jason especially would do. However once seated on my lap, he anxiously awaited the show. He freaked out a bit when they turned off the lights, but as soon as it started both boys were mesmerized. The show payed for itself within 1 minute when we saw the shriek of excitement and joy that came over Jason's face when Mickey and friends made their entry to the ice. Tyler was elated as well, but Jason's reaction was truly priceless. The boys both enjoyed the show in it's entirety. They also were both spoiled by shaved ices in Toy Story cups from my parents. They were quite excited. All in all, a wonderful show!

New Year's Eve was relatively uneventful. Although we had some nice offers of things to do, I decided I really didn't want to bring the boys out that night, especially driving any distance. Not to mention, even though I admire my friends who enjoy keeping their kids up until midnight to celebrate with them, I am not one of those parents! So my brother Chris came to visit for the night and we had a little "party". We then did a mock ball drop (thank you YouTube) and celebration and I had the boys off to bed not much later than normal.

As for me, I head out after the boys were in bed for my own New Year's Eve celebration. I think 2011 will be a good year.