Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 1-6

On Sunday Jason just looked too cute on his way home from church!

That evening for dinner we tried our hand again at making our own pizza. Yum.

Before kids club Tyler showed off his new missing tooth.

On Monday, with Tyler off to school, Jason and I made our way to Evesham library for storytime, a little egg hunt, and a craft.

After school on Monday Tyler came home sporting his new jack-o-lantern mouth with 4 gaps now in his little mouth. Too cute!

Then off to counseling with Tyler. Fun, fun.

On Tuesday Jason and I made our way to church again for my alphabits group. Jason is really starting to love it. It didn't hurt that they got to do an Easter egg hunt there!

That afternoon, with Tyler at his new after school art club and later at karate, Jason worked on his Easter cards (STILL donning the hat we had picked up on clearance at Walmart that morning for $.50).

On Wednesday, with Tyler off to school, Jason and I went grocery shopping and then I let him loose with some art supplies to decorate some wooden Easter eggs my mom had gotten.

After school I reluctantly let Tyler off on his first independent bike ride with a friend. I did check in a couple times and they were doing good. Tough letting go a little bit, but I suppose he's growing up.

That evening Tyler had karate.

On Thursday, with only a short amount of time before Jason's half day at school began, we had some quick errands to the library and Trader Joe's. Had a quick few seconds for Jason to find numerous dandelions. Quite exciting.

I also got a phone call from my determatologist that the biopsy that they took was benign. Good news.

Here, I'll let Jason tell you where we were going that evening.

Didn't get that? Let me translate..."Atlantic City". Aww, my poor baby. He tries so hard.

After a too-short half-day at school, the boys "spring break" began. My parents and I head to Atlantic City for the night. Our first stop was dinner at Virginia City buffet at Bally's. Tyler stuffed himself with shrimp, rice (cause he could use chopsticks) and salad. What a goof. Jason, after some mac & cheese and fruit, also tried his hand at chopsticks. Then on to dessert!

After our meal we checked in at Taj Majal and went up to the room. The boys were very happy with the view of the ocean (Jason even eventually climbed up on the ledge). We got all unpacked (Jason with his pack-n-play that he insisted on).

Afterwards we changed into our swimsuits to go to the pool. We arrived, only to find out that the pool closes to children one hour prior than what we had been told. Bummer. After a few tears we moved onto plan B. We went back to the room, got re-dressed, and went out on to the boarwalk.

After a long bath the boys got ready for bed. Bedtime wasn't horrendous, but I'm not aching to do it again anytime soon. Unfortunately I slept quite poorly, but at least Jason only woke up once.

After a breakfast of granola bars and fruit and juice in the hotel room, we got ourselves ready and checked out. We made our way to the Atlantic City Aquarium for the day. I think the highlight was the huge sea turtle that said hi to Jason and then later petting the stingrays.

After the aquarium we decided to drive to Margate to tour "Lucy the Elephant". Even though I definitely was not feeling well, I really wanted to take the boys before the crowds of the summer months...and I've always wanted to go myself. We got to view her from the outside (you couldn't miss her) and then we got to take a guided tour of the inside of her. As you might imagine, Jason was very leery of the very narrow dark stairs up the leg of the elephant (no, I'm not making this up), so I got to carry him. He was petrified of the open deck on the top of the elephant. But Tyler had fun for sure. Both boys consider the highlight to be that there is a window right below Lucy's tail ("she has a window on her butt").

For those that don't know "Lucy", she is six stories high and is listed on the National Park Registry of Historical Landmarks. You can check out the website here (has lots of cool history about the structure as well as photos):

After we got home we had a relaxing evening, including "movie night" for the boys in Tyler's room.

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